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SAI Release Acadia 6.1 on April 14

Written by: Josh Crone
Posted on: April 13, 2017
Acadia 6.1 improves reporting and fixes defects
Maryland Flag

Last month’s release saw the introduction of custom property types. By adding custom properties, we gave you the ability to tag and filter documents with properties that are specific to your environment. This month we’ve added support to our reports framework to accommodate these new properties. While we were at it, we improved overall reports performance and fixed several defects.


Reporting Improvements

We began moving to our new reports framework back in October of last year. This new framework has proven to perform better and provide greater flexibility as our clients’ reporting needs change. While adding support for custom properties to our reports filters, we decided now would be a great time migrate more reports to the new framework. The latest reports to get the new framework treatment are the “By the Numbers”, “Document Review Status”, and “Recently Published” reports.

Early benchmarks show considerable improvement in speed when loading the newly-migrated reports. We think you’ll notice the performance improvement right away. When you open the By the Numbers and Recently Published reports, you’ll notice a cleaner layout, and a more logically-placed export button.

Acadia by the number report

As mentioned above, we’ve added the ability to filter your reports by custom properties. Now from any report on the new framework, you can click the filter button to expose all property filters, including filters for your custom property types. 

Acadia custom property filters

Defects Fixed in 6.1

Maryland flag

With this month’s release, we were able to resolve several defects from our backlog. Among these fixes were improvements to document formatting, fixes for translation bugs, extending character limits for linked URLs, sending alerts to more than 2,100 users at a time, prevented a double-click when beginning a quiz (and the ensuing unexpected results), and a fix for an insensitive bug that inadvertently said you failed a quiz when you passed. If you were reading that out loud, go ahead and catch your breath. I believe that may be the longest sentence I’ve ever typed.

The final defect is one I want to highlight not because it was a huge bug with disastrous consequences. I bring it up because it gives me the opportunity to show everyone the Maryland state flag.  The thing about folks from Maryland is we love our flag and take every chance we can to show it off.  This defect was uncovered when one of our clients with the word “Maryland” in their email address approached us when they couldn’t find a specific user in their user search.  The problem was this particular user was named “Mary”.  Poor Mary couldn’t compete with the hundreds of users with the word “Maryland” in their email address. We think Mary is an important user who needs to stand out so we’ve changed the way user searches are performed. Now we’ve made searching for email more specific, and made user name searches more flexible. We’re happy to report that Mary now rises to the top of the search.

We hope the improvements to reports and stability have a positive impact as you interact with Acadia. For those keeping score, there are two reports still on the old framework; “Most Active Departments” and “Most Popular Documents”.  We’ll continue to monitor usage of these reports to ensure we’re providing valuable data. We’d love to hear how you’re using them today so we can plan for their replacement in a future release.

Stay tuned for next month’s release as we plan to roll out some exciting changes to task management. As always, we look forward to gathering feedback on this month’s release.

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