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Ensuring strict regulatory compliance in cultivation, wholesale, and dispensary operations

Medical Cannabis

Our business must meet very specific regulatory standards. Now we can audit every procedure performed by each employee daily.

 - CIO

In highly regulated industries auditable compliance is critical for the safe production and distribution of products. Failure to meet these standards can result in fines, loss of license, or worse, injury of a consumer.

Our customer was one of the first medical cannabis manufacturers and distributors to be granted licenses in Maryland for each of the three types of cannabis business operations – cultivation, wholesale, and dispensary. 

Each aspect of their operations is subject to separate regulatory requirements that cover everything from employee onboarding and training, to visitor management, facility security, and product tracking. Managing operations and tracking compliance manually or with traditional software solutions would not be feasible.

Acadia provided a solution that would help facilitate content creation, approval, and updates that was easy to manage and provided a complete audit trail for all regulatory requirements. Policies and procedures were created to closely followed department of health standards. The documents used in training were the same as those used in workflow, so onboarding took less time, knowledge stuck, and team members made minimal errors. The system made a record of each activity performed by every team member daily, creating an automatic audit trail that could be submitted to regulators on demand.

The company produces and distribute high-quality products according to regulation. The team can quickly and easily adopt new regulations as soon as they’re passed by automatically incorporating them into the workflow and training employees as they do their work.


New Capabilities

  • Ensure consistency and quality of product and customer service are met across all operations
  • Provide regulators access to Acadia makes audits faster and easier
  • Facilitate troubleshooting of manufacturing processes
  • Rapid new hire onboarding and training
  • Easily adjust policies and procedures to expand into other states



  • Maintain consistently high level of quality
  • Rapid adoption of new policies and regulations
  • Decrease time to compliance for new operations
  • Decrease error rate and exposure to risk

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