Decrease Waste and Improve Quality at Coca-Cola Bottling Plants

Help frontline operators follow processes the right way every time.

Coca Cola bottles in a production line

Sustained results come from the knowledge, experience, and ultimate action of those sitting in bottling plants and DCs.

Imagine if each of your teams could:

  • Cut waste from packaging and flavor changeovers
  • Reduce low fills and non fills that impact yields
  • Eliminate unplanned downtime and improve maintenance results

“It is critical for us to have a high level of engagement with our team members to ensure we deliver a high-quality product as efficiently as possible. Acadia will help us provide easy access to the right training and job instructions, at the right time, to all our operators. It will also empower them to provide feedback on how we can improve our processes over time.” 

– Jimmy Hassler, Director of Quality, Coca-Cola Consolidated

Nothing’s worse than when Coke tastes like Sprite

A man working with laboratory equipment

Changing sizes or flavors on a line can require multiple people from mechanics to operators and lab technicians. So, there’s lots of room for error between clean outs, sizing product feed and output, and calibrating package weights.

With Acadia, each team member working on a changeover will have precise instructions and job aids for their role in the process.

Managers will have insight into what stage of the process the team is in, who completed which steps, whether protocol was followed and how long it took.

Is the bottle half-full or half-empty? Doesn’t matter, it’s going in the dumpster

A man working on a bottling production line

Changeovers, slow valves, and other mechanical problems can leave a product package underfilled, overfilled, or empty. The ugly truth is this may be a reoccurring problem creating tons of rework and waste. The extent to which this impacts productivity is largely determined by how quickly the problem is identified and countermeasures deployed.

Acadia helps you activate corrective measures immediately when problems occur.

You can also integrate your team’s activity on Acadia with your production data sources. You’ll quickly see how SOP compliance for critical processes relates directly to your waste and productivity KPIs.

2-minute Acadia Overview

Workforce behavior change is possible when you improve performance, reduce compliance risks, and streamline training through continuous improvement of standard work.

Training & Onboarding

Two men in hardhats looking at a tablet device

Many current training models rely on tribal knowledge conveyed via word of mouth, paper documents, and a tangle of systems. Team members need easy access to work instructions and other job aids which identify the “one best way” to complete each task in an easy to understand format.

The best process outcomes start with an efficient training approach. We learn better while doing, so job-embedded training programs are immediately more relevant than classroom or course-based activities. They take less time. They require less effort to pay attention. Most importantly, they stick.

Acadia improves training effectiveness by injecting training directly into work. Employees have easy access to SOPs and other job aids at the moment they are performing the task. Managers can check comprehension with quizzing and evaluations to ensure everyone gets the support they need.

By making training more efficient and productive, Kraft Heinz will adopt process improvements and help new employees get up to speed more quickly.

More on training:

Help employees develop skills to succeed

Two men in hardhats high-fiving

Companies that have been successful cutting costs and enhancing supply-chain productivity have done so by incorporating automation and other operational efficiencies. However, as more work is done by less people, the work being done is exceedingly more complex.

To retain organizational memory and meet the new demand for high-skilled workers, progressive organizations are investing in reskilling existing team members.

Acadia customers can fill internal skills gaps by helping them objectively assess existing knowledge and providing on-line tools that enable micro-learning on the job.

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