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CI projects stall when process changes aren’t quickly adopted. Process improvements hinge on your employees’ ability to follow the new process. With some simple tools, you can get the behavior change you need and deliver on your next project.

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19% Downtime improvement in 2 weeks

A common procedure requires planned downtime 20-30 times per day at our client’s facility. Continuous improvement managers deployed a process change using Acadia to train employees and create accountability. After just two weeks of training using the new method, the team improved downtime by 8 minutes generating $500,000 in waste and labor savings.

GLY targets exceeded within 6 months

Learn how replacing paper with a simple-to-use, PDCA-style system helped each plant cut waste within weeks. By the end of six months, all plants using Acadia were beating their yield goals.

“The SOP transition to Acadia is one of the most important initiatives we have done in the last five years.” – North American Director of Operations

600 Employees Reskilled in a Few Months

To increase efficiency in a distribution center, our client invested in autonomous mobile robots and vertical lift modules. Introducing such a transformational change in facility operations meant that everyone on the team immediately had a skills gap. In total, 600 employees were re-trained to do all or parts of their job in a few months, with virtually no downtime.

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