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Acadia 7.0 for Taskmasters on the Go

Acadia 7.0 brings offline content, better task filtering, and more context to the Document Review screen.

We’re kicking off 2018 with some major improvements to Task Management. January’s release will extend your content’s reach while improving the way you manage delegated tasks. Also in 7.0, you’ll find that we’ve added the document properties to the review screen.

Offline Task Management

Hands-down one of the best features of web content is that it makes your content available on any device, anytime, anywhere… if you are connected to the Internet.  As we’ve onboarded more clients and learned about more use cases, we’ve gotten frequent requests to extend Acadia’s reach beyond corporate Wi-Fi or mobile data coverage.

Whether you’re attempting to get SOPs into the hands of folks working in a large manufacturing facility, out to folks working in the field on utility outages, or simply trying to compensate for poor signal, we think making your content available when you slip offline is a valuable feature.

Starting Friday, you’ll be able to take your tasks with you, no matter where you go. To use offline task management, simply click on the download icon for the task or task list you’d like offline.

Offline task management download icon

The icon will indicate that the task is syncing for offline access.

Offline task management syncing icon

Once it’s finished syncing, the icon will show a checkmark to indicate that it is available offline.

Offline task management available offline symbol

After synchronizing your tasks, you’ll be able to navigate to the Tasks screen even if you have no Internet connection.

Offline Task Screen

While offline, you’ll be able to complete tasks, leave comments and exceptions, and upload attachments as if you were online.  Once connectivity is restored, your task status will be synchronized with the online version.

Task Filtering

Several of our clients have gone “all-in” with Task Management since its initial release.  As a matter of fact, we’ve got quite a few taskmasters with hundreds and hundreds of tasks. You know who you are…

To help our taskmasters manage so many tasks, we’ve started adding filters to the task screen. Now when you log in Friday, you’ll be able to separate your tasks from tasks you’ve delegated with the click of a button.  Additionally, you can use the status filter to quickly check that you’ve synchronized a key task list before heading offline.

Task filters

Preview Document Properties

We’ve also added some improvements to Acadia’s Workflow feature by adding Document Properties to the Document Review screen. Now when you participate in workflow, you’ll be able to see all document properties that have been assigned prior to approving or rejecting a document.

Document properties on review screen

Our first release of 2018 is one of our biggest releases to date. In addition to the features you can see on the screen, we’ve made significant changes behind the scenes that will pay dividends as we further improve our Task Management feature in future releases.  Throughout the process we’ve learned a lot about how our clients use Task Management, how they’d like to use Task Management, and more details about offline browser storage than you can imagine.  We’d love to hear your feedback about this release, or Acadia in general so we can continue to deliver a platform you love to use.

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