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Acadia 5.10.0: Now with Dragon Drop

Drag & Drop

Acadia's new drag and drop feature makes it even easier to create engaging content

Did I just say dragon drop? Sorry about that. What I meant to say was, “drag *AND* drop”. While I’m apologizing, I’ll go ahead and say I’m sorry for my concept drawing. Hopefully it makes you appreciate our product designers and User Interface developers even more…

Drag and Drop

We received lots of positive feedback with the image copy/paste feature; so, with Acadia 5.10.0, we’ve added yet another way to add images to your content. Beginning Friday, January 13, you’ll be able to drag images directly into editor windows and “Add Media” dialogs. Simply browse for your file and drag it directly into the editor or “Add Media” dialog:


Once you drop the image where you want it, the familiar “Upload Image” dialog will open allowing you to specify a filename and alternate text.


Just click “Upload” and you’re finished. The image will be saved to the media gallery and get embedded where you dropped it.

We hope the drag and drop feature helps you create content even easier than before.

Numbered List Styles

We spend a fair amount of time importing content for our clients as part of content migration projects or while preparing for prospect demos. We often come across many types of bullet, list, and outline styles in our clients’ content. To improve support for these lists, we’ve added the ability to choose from a broader library of available numbered list styles.

These new styles are available by right-clicking on any numbered list and choosing “Numbered List Properties”:

List Properties

You’ll see a dropdown showing all the list types:

List Style

As an added bonus, the editor will automatically retain the styling of pasted lists. This means you’ll be able to copy a list from any document and paste it into the editor while retaining the source formatting.

Copy Permissions:

Copy Permissions

We’ve changed the way the “Copy” permission works in Acadia by allowing users to copy documents from a “Read-Only” collection to a collection the user has “Edit / Create” permissions. Prior to 5.10.0, the user would have to have “Edit” permission on the source collection to copy it to another collection. This new change will allow users to copy documents to use as a starting point without allowing them to modify the source content.

Anonymous Sites 

Anonymous Site Changes

Finally, we’ve added some more granular permissions for our clients who leverage our Anonymous Site feature. If you have an anonymous site configured, you will find an additional permission for anonymous users available on the Collection configuration screen. A brief description of each permission is below:

  • Everyone (Including Anonymous Users): All users who can connect to the anonymous site, including those without a username or password.
  • Authenticated Users: Any user who has logged in to Acadia with a valid username and password
  • Only groups added to Collection Membership: Any user who has logged in to Acadia with a valid username and password, and is a member of a group explicitly added to the collection.

When you log in Friday morning, try out these features and let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you.

As always, no dragons were harmed in the making of Acadia.  

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