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Acadia 5.8.0 Release Notes

Acadia Document Search

Acadia version 5.8.0 improves content discovery and usability

One of our guiding principles with Acadia is to ensure that you can find the content you need when you need it, easily and quickly. We realize folks don’t have time to browse through countless folders looking for the one best way to accomplish a task, especially when solving a problem or facing a tight deadline. This is why search and filtering are core features in Acadia. With the 5.8.0 release of Acadia, we’ve made it even easier to find what you need by improving our Documents screen filters in several ways.

While working on the Documents screen filters, we were also able to improve usability in a couple key areas and continue the trend of rolling out more robust reporting capabilities.

5.8.0 will be deployed the evening of Thursday, November 10 and will be ready for you to try out on Friday.

Documents Screen Filter Enhancements

We’ve done a few things to improve filters on the Documents screen.  First, we’ve added a filter specifically for collections. With the collection filter applied, only documents within the specified collection will show in the document list. Adding additional collections to the filter will expand the document listing across those collections.

In addition to the collection filter, we’ve given you some more context within the document listing while filtering on document properties. Now when you filter on category, department, location, or role, we’ll show you how the document properties impact the listing.

Document Screen Filter

The last filtering improvement came while we were planning and testing filter context features. A funny thing happens when you click on the filter buttons dozens of times; the minor annoyances add up. To improve usability, we increased the size of the filter buttons and increased the space between the buttons.

Link Behavior

We’ve gotten a fair amount of feedback (thanks!) on how we handle links in Acadia. One common theme is that folks don’t want to navigate away from their document while accessing linked resources. Starting in 5.8.0, all links from within a document will open in a new tab/window. Navigation and action bar links will continue to open in the same window.

Link Behavior

Acknowledged Report

The Acknowledged report is the latest report to get the new framework treatment. Moving the Acknowledged report to the new reports framework not only increases performance, it adds additional filtering options. We’ve got some exciting things planned once we migrate the rest of the reports to the new framework, so stay tuned.

Acknowledge Report

Pending Publish in Manage Section

Choosing a publish date in the future is a great way to make sure your users can’t access your content prematurely. However, it only took one customer call to make us realize it wasn’t obvious to find documents that were pending the publish date (it was in the “By the Numbers” report). We’ve added a “Pending Publish” section to the Manage screen so you’ll never lose them again.

Pending Publish Manage section

Improved Integrations

Our core development team has been hard at work improving Acadia’s foundation. With the 5.8.0 release, they’ve improved the integration framework to dynamically load configuration changes. This allows us to modify existing integrations without requiring a restart of Acadia. Since we assume you don’t want to look at a screenshot of Acadia’s back-end code, we’ve included a picture of Donny Andrews from our Core Development team. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Improved Integrations

We want Acadia 5.8.0 to make it even easier to find what you need, when you need it most, no matter where you are. Give the new enhancements a try and let us know what you think. Your feedback helps shape every release of Acadia.

And from Donny and all of us on the Acadia Product Team, Happy Thanksgiving!

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