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Acadia 5.9.0 Release Notes

Acadia Copy & Paste

Copy and paste images directly into documents for more streamlined content creation

Acadia 5.9.0: Importing images is as easy as 1, 2, 3 (and 3 is optional!)

We started the year with a simple goal of delivering 12 Acadia product updates in 2016. Our reasoning was that a more rapid release cycle was necessary for us to deliver the product enhancements and new features our clients need at the speed they need them. More frequent product updates have allowed us to deliver smaller, iterative enhancements like improved searching and filtering, a better editing experience, and increased usability throughout the product alongside some big features such as quizzing, improved accessibility for users with disabilities, and a new reports framework.

Copy and paste images directly into documents

Our twelfth and final release of 2016 will be available Friday, December 16 and focuses on usability by streamlining the process of importing images into Acadia. We understand how valuable imagery is to visual learners, so we want to make sure adding images to your document is as seamless as possible. We realize that our process of adding images to Acadia was sufficient if the images already existed in a folder on your filesystem, but added extra steps if you were taking screenshots or editing images before importing them. By adding the ability to paste images from your clipboard directly into documents, we’ve reduced the process down to the following 3 steps:

Step 1: Copy your image

Take a screenshot, copy from your favorite image editing program, or copy the image out of your browser. Here I’m copying an image of one of my favorite things:

Acadia Copy & Paste

Step 2: Paste your image into your document

Paste the image directly into any document field that has the option to add images. It can be pasted directly into the editor or “Add Media” dialog:

Acadia Copy & Paste

Step 3: Name the image

A dialog will open with a preview of your image and the option to name the file. A default filename and alternate text are suggested, so you can simply upload the image at this point. We suggest giving the image a meaningful name in case you want to reuse the file (you can still browse the media gallery for existing images). It’s also important to consider adding alternate text for folks who may require screen readers to consume your content.

Acadia Copy & Paste

Once you click upload, the image is inserted into your document:

Acadia Media Added

Check out the video here, to see the feature in action.

We hope this feature makes it even easier to build your content as you take screenshots and edit images. This was a fun feature to build, and we’ve enjoyed using it on our own documents while we tested the release. For folks with images already saved to their filesystem, we have some tricks up our sleeve for January’s release to make your lives easier too.

Bug fixes and usability

Along with the copy/paste feature, we continue to improve usability when we find opportunities and fix bugs when they pop up. We noticed there was no easy path back to the current version of a document if you happened to be looking at the document history. We also noticed folks were unable to reuse document numbers after documents were deleted. Now you can click on the document title to go back to the current document version, and document numbers will become available upon deletion of an existing document.

From all of us at SAI, we want to wish you happy holidays! We thoroughly enjoyed working with you in 2016 to deliver the features you need to improve performance throughout your business. We look forward to serving you in 2017 and beyond. We hope you continue to let us know how we can improve Acadia for you in the new year.

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