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Acadia 6.0 Adds Custom Property Types

Custom property types allow for better document categorization and discovery

As Acadia has grown across various organizations, we’ve come to recognize the need to provide more configuration options for document properties. With this in mind, Thursday’s release brings one major new feature: the ability to define up to two custom property types.  This feature also marks the first major Acadia release in 2017.

Now when you log in on Friday the 17th, you’ll find a redesigned Documents screen, and options to define new document property types.

Redesigned Documents Screen

To accommodate two additional property types, we had to re-think the layout of the Documents screen.  Simply adding two more filters to the left-hand side would’ve made for a cumbersome user experience.

We realized our existing filter layout combined document attribute filters (document type and language) with document property filters (location, department, role, and category). By separating the document attribute filters from the document properties filters, we were able make room for the new custom properties, while providing a more logical grouping for filters.

Documents Screen Overview

We’ve also improved the experience of applying filters by expanding and collapsing the filter menus.  This allows you to apply many filters without impacting screen real estate.  Indicators on property filters let you know how many filters you’ve applied.

Documents Screen Select Filters

Another benefit of the redesigned Documents screen is the impact it had on performance. We were able to make some major improvements in screen loading and search and filter result time.

Configuring Custom Properties

To get started with custom properties, you’ll want to navigate to the Settings screen and choose “Configure Properties”. From here you’ll find the option to add, edit, delete, and modify custom property types.  In this example, we’ve added the property types “Area” and “Equipment”.

Custom Properties Settings

Once the new property types have been defined, you can manage the new properties just as you would the built-in properties. Simply navigate to the settings screen, and you’ll find the new property types within the Properties section.

Add Properties to Custom Properties

By clicking on the newly-created Equipment property type, you can add and modify equipment properties.

Equipment Property

Now that the custom property types and properties have been defined, you’ll be able to tag and filter documents just as you would with any other property.

We know this change to properties is significant, so we’d like to offer each of our clients the opportunity to work with their Customer Success Manager to come up with an approach that makes sense for you. 

We’ll be reaching out in the days following the release to gather feedback and offer suggestions on how to utilize this new feature. As always, we look forward to hearing from you.

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