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Acadia 9.0: Faster, Easier and Friendlier Content Creation


We spent the spring getting under the hood of Acadia with an intense focus on making content creation better, faster and easier. Based on user feedback, we completely re-wrote the Edit Path wizard.

With the 9.0 release, you will immediately see a difference in the speed of the edit wizard. We have also added features to help you develop content more efficiently and without the risk of losing your work.

Performance Enhancements


A lot of time and effort went into improving the overall performance of the Edit Path wizard for this release. We won’t bore you with the details of how we did it, but you will notice a marked difference in how quickly documents load and respond to your interactions.

For larger documents, the average load time has improved by 250-300%!


Never worry about losing work again. Now, as you add and edit content within documents, you will see an omnipresent status and timestamp. With each edit, the status will shift from “Saving” to the date and time stamp of the most recent saved version.

edit path autosave

No matter what changes are made to the draft, your changes will continue to be saved. This is true even if you have not yet filled out all required fields for the document.

edit path save missing description

Edit mode appearance matches published mode

The edit screen of a document now looks closer in appearance to the published view. This will help give you a better sense of what your final document will look like, as you create it.  While it’s not an exact 1-to-1 comparison, you shouldn’t need to preview your document as often while you work.edit path edit view live viewEdit Multiple Documents at Once

Maybe you’re like us, and you want to work more efficiently by copying elements of one document to another. You can now have as many different documents open as you want, at the same time in different browser tabs or windows.

edit path multiple tabs

Keep in mind, you will still have exclusive rights on any document you're editing. So, if you have all your team’s documents open in edit mode, nobody else will be able to edit them.


We’ve created a more consistent user experience when performing similar functions across the site. For example, searching within documents, attachments, users or groups will all feel very similar now.

edit path filterDocuments Imports

If you’re planning to import large numbers of documents to the system, we have enhanced our support capabilities to make that process even easier. Contact your CSM for more details.

Thank you for your input!

Most of these improvements stemmed from requests made by Acadia users. And the feedback provided during our testing phase helped us to hone them even further. Thank you for your invaluable insight!

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