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Acadia 9.5: Introducing Evaluations

Acadia Evaluations

Assess the efficacy, compliance, and capability of your processes, documentation, and employees.

Evaluations is the new Acadia feature that will enable you to improve the efficiency and quality of your team’s work. The feature has been vetted by your peers and colleagues across multiple use cases – from call centers to factory floors.

In any process, there are three key aspects that drive its successful completion and the quality of its outcome: the process itself, the documentation of the process, and the people who perform the process. Each of these should be regularly monitored and updated to validate their effectiveness.

Process Evaluations  

Evaluate your One Best Way processes to determine if they achieve the expected outcome in the most efficient way possible.

Performing a systematic review of processes forces you to see them from a different vantage point than while performing the work. What was once done by habit may now be identified as inefficient, a regulatory violation or even a safety concern.

Document Evaluations  

Evaluate your process documentation to ensure each step of the process is clear, concise and includes relevant reference material to perform it accurately.

Process documentation often plays a role in government regulation with stipulations around workplace safety, hygiene, customer data, and more. Regularly reviewing your documents can help position you to better deal with an audit or the outcome of an accident.

Employee Evaluations

Evaluate each employee’s ability to perform processes accurately and in the time allotted.

Providing your team with the work instructions they need to follow One Best Way processes goes a long way toward helping employees understand how to do their job. Evaluations provide an unbiased, quantitative way to review their comprehension and provide specific feedback for improvement. It also provides a regular opportunity to reinforce regulatory and safety requirements.

Happy Thanksgiving!

For those of you who are new to Acadia in 2019, it has become our family tradition to send a Thanksgiving greeting this time of year with a nod to Donny Andrews, Sr. Software Engineer, resplendent in the form of a roasted bird.

Donny as a turkey

From Donny and the rest of us at SAI, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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