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Acadia 9.7: Highlighting what’s important in 2020.

Acadia 9.7: Highlighting what's important in 2020

Happy New Year! We’re starting off 2020 with a new feature. Custom formatting will allow you to emphasize, and draw attention to, critical content.

Based on your feedback, we’ve also simplified the Evaluations distribution wizard and made it easier to use.

Custom Formatting

Our newest feature allows you to highlight and change the color of body text in your policies and procedures. This will help content creators draw greater attention to critical information. We identified formatting commonly used by your organization, and others, and provided tools for you to control what formatting your content creators have access to. The goal is to give you a purpose-driven ability to add emphasis to your documents, while still maintaining control of how emphasis should be applied. Because after all, when too much of your document is highlighted, it has the same effect as if nothing was highlighted.

For example, in the procedure below, most of what I wrote is just black and white text. It’s only the portion of the procedure that’s critically important that I’ve highlighted. In this example, I used red to denote danger.

Generator Danger

To set custom formatting for all users in your Acadia instance, go into Settings and click on Custom Formatting.

Custom Formatting

From the Custom Formatting screen, you can enable/disable whichever colors you’d like, and apply a name. For yellow highlighting, I applied “Important.” For red highlighting, I applied “Danger / Warning.” I disabled all other color options.

This is what document creators will see when applying custom formatting.

Generator Danger

Important Note: Custom formatting works best when only critical items are formatted. If everything is highlighted, nothing is highlighted.

Generator Highlighting

Consolidated Evaluations Distribution Wizard

In November, we introduced Employee Evaluations. This feature is something many of you have asked for and is part of a critical toolset for evaluating the effectiveness of your One Best Way processes. Now that the feature has been available for nearly two months, we have begun to receive feedback from those of you who work with Acadia every day. Most of the feedback has been quite positive. However, some felt that there were too many steps to distribute an Evaluation, and it was slowing down your work. So, we’ve simplified the process and consolidated several of the steps.

New Evaluations Wizard

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