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Acadia 9.9: Make sure employees can find critical alerts

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And make sure you know they’ve seen them.

With the recent coronavirus outbreak most of you are probably using Acadia to communicate important information to your teams. In this month’s release notes, we’ll talk about a couple of options for sharing things like travel policy changes with your team.

One of the fastest ways to send important, time-sensitive information to your employees is through broadcasts. In the 9.9 release, we added the ability for your employees to easily search active broadcasts directly from the home screen.

Broadcast Search

You’ll notice, as you start typing in the search bar, a banner for broadcasts appears if the keywords in your search match any active broadcasts. For example, if you recently updated your travel policy in response to the coronavirus, you will likely have sent a broadcast to your team about it.

Home Screen Search

Typing in “travel policy” generates results that include both documents and broadcasts that match the search terms. To view the broadcasts, click on the yellow banner.

After clicking, the following screen displays all active broadcasts that match your search query. From this page you can edit your search to see other relevant broadcasts.

Broadcast Search Screen

Please note:  Broadcasts that have been archived or expired by the content owner will not display.


You can also search for broadcasts on the Documents tab.

Documents Search

This search functions the same way as the home screen search. The banner shows how many broadcasts match your search terms, and clicking the banner will take you to relevant broadcasts.

Distributing an Acknowledgement of an Updated Policy

Broadcasts are best suited for temporary information that requires immediate attention. But for particularly critical information, consider using an Acknowledgement. This helps reinforce the importance of the update to your employees, and it also provides a record of who has seen the announcement and who hasn’t.

Because there are so many unknowns around the coronavirus, we can’t put a date on how long restrictions will last or how frequently they may change. So, considering the travel policy example, it would be best to distribute an acknowledgement of the changes. It’s critical that employees have this information. It’s also critical for you to know who has seen it and who hasn’t.

Here’s how to distribute an acknowledgement:

1. Navigate to Acknowledgement Alerts

Click on Alerts in the main navigation. Then click on the “Distribute Alerts” button.

Click on “Acknowledgements” on the next page.

Send Acknowledgement


2. Select Document(s) for Acknowledgement

Click on the “Add Documents” button. Then search for and select the documents you want your employee(s) to review and the deadline for reviewing them.

Choose Document


3. Add Employees Who Should Receive the Acknowledgement

You can select individual employees, teams, or everyone who has access to the document.

Add Employees


4. Add a Personalized Message

Explain the changes you've made and why it's important for your team members to see them.

Personalized Message


5. Confirm and Submit

Click the Confirm box and then Submit document and your acknowledgement will be distributed.

Confirm and Submit


Your recipients will now receive an email asking them to acknowledge the changes you’ve made to the policy.

Acadia Email Alert


When employees click through to acknowledge the document, they are able to toggle the “Show Changes” button to view what specifically changed from the previous version.




After reviewing the document, they will check the box acknowledging the document and click “Acknowledge.”

How are you using Acadia?

Are you using Acadia to help work through the disruption of the coronavirus? We’d love to hear what tools you’re using and whether they’re making a difference for you and your team. Let us know.

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