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Share document drafts with workflow edit steps in Acadia 7.3

Acadia 7.3

Edit steps in workflow help define the “one best way” by increasing collaboration.

In your never-ending quest to define your “one best way” policies and procedures, you need to have every tool at your disposal. It’s essential to take a thorough approach to develop the processes and rules to run your business. To ensure you’re publishing the appropriate content, you’ll need to solicit feedback from users, collaborate with subject matter experts, and ensure the appropriate folks review and approve content.

The introduction of edit steps in Acadia’s workflow feature makes managing this process easier by:

  1. Giving content contributors the ability to share and contribute to drafts before progressing through workflow
  2. Allowing content managers to specify who should make edits to specific content
  3. Giving content contributors access to edit a document on a case-by-case basis
  4. Expanding workflow to manage both the edit and approval process


Edit Workflow Steps

With the release of Acadia 7.3, we’re expanding our workflow configuration to include edit steps in addition to traditional approval steps. Edit steps allow content contributors to make content changes without leaving the workflow process. Any number of edit steps and approval steps can be combined to develop the exact workflow you need to develop and approve content for a specific collection. This feature gives you the following benefits:

Increases collaboration: Since the document can be edited in workflow, the document draft can be shared between anyone participating on the step. Changes can be saved by one contributor then picked up by another. Once the required number of reviews or edits have been made, it will simply progress to the next step.

Content managers can delegate changes: Edit steps give content managers the ability to “invite” users to edit a document, even if they wouldn’t normally have permission. This allows you to delegate specific changes to the exact SME, without allowing unauthorized edits to key documents.

To get started with edit steps, you’ll notice an additional option in the workflow template configuration screen. Selecting an edit step will give you the edit step configuration options. The “Required Reviews” option works the same as “Required Approvals” on approval steps.

Acadia Workflow Configuration screen

Once you’ve configured the workflow for the collection, you’ll be able to choose collaborators before you submit your document to workflow. In our example, Adam, Martin, and Irvin will each be able to edit the document and submit their changes before the document progresses through the workflow.

Acadia Workflow on document screen

Once submitted, Adam, Martin and Irvin will receive an alert that there is a document that requires their review.

Acadia edit alert

Opening the alert will reveal the document preview, with the options to edit or simply complete the review of the document.

Acadia Review Screeen

The workflow dropdown will reveal everyone who is collaborating on the current draft.

Other Improvements

We’ve made several improvements and bug fixes in this release as well. One minor change that will have a big impact with our task management users is a change to the default behavior when reassigning incomplete task lists.  The default behavior when reassigning a partially-completed task list is to reassign any incomplete tasks to the new task owner, while preserving ownership of any completed tasks.

Acadia task Reassignment


We’ve also made some significant performance improvements to help folks who are managing procedures and tasks with many steps. You can expect to see a noticeable performance increase while editing procedure documents with many steps and while converting procedures to tasks.

We’ve packed a lot into this month’s release, and each new feature and enhancement has come from customer feedback and real-world observation of how folks are using Acadia to improve the performance of their workforce. We appreciate all the opportunities to gather the feedback we need to keep making Acadia a platform our clients love. As usual, your Customer Success team will reach out to see how you might leverage these new features to get the results you need and gather feedback to guide the features to come.

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