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Dedicated Properties in Acadia 7.9

Pinpoint Users and Content With Exclusive User and Document Properties

For October’s release, we’ve made some changes to properties that will help with some specific use cases while laying the groundwork for more features to come. Keep reading to learn more about dedicated properties and an opportunity to get a sneak peak at a big new feature coming soon.

Dedicated User and Document Properties

Dedicated properties allow you to determine whether a property should be specific to users, documents, or both. Prior to Acadia 7.9, properties were shared among documents and users. This is extremely helpful when browsing for content as it allows us to show the most relevant content by prioritizing documents that more-closely match your user properties. It is less helpful when a document property doesn’t make sense when applied to a person.

A specific example comes from one of our manufacturing clients. They have two custom properties: “Equipment” and “Distribution Lists”. The “Equipment” property is used to tag documents with their applicable equipment, and the “Distribution Lists” property is used for distributing alerts and quizzes to users. It wouldn’t make sense to show the “Distribution Lists” property on the Documents screen, nor would it make sense to show the “Equipment” property in the distribution wizards.

Once the new properties are configured, the “Equipment” property will appear on the Documents screen:

And the “Distribution Lists” property will appear in the distribution wizards:

Additionally, filters on reports will reflect whether they apply to users, documents, or both:

Any properties that existed prior to the 7.9 release will remain applicable to users and documents. To change the property type, navigate to the settings screen and choose “Configure Properties”. When you expand the property, you’ll find the “Property Type” configuration option. Click the search bar to choose “User”, “Document”, or both, then click “Save”.

Feature Preview: Evaluations

In addition to helping our clients find the content and users they’re looking for; dedicated properties are a key component to a new feature coming soon: Evaluations. Evaluations help determine the efficacy of your people, processes, and content by providing a second-party assessment.

We’ve been building this new feature over the past several months and will soon be ready to release an alpha version to help us collect early feedback before the feature is generally available. Let us know if you’d be interested in learning more about evaluations or participating in our alpha program. Our Customer Success team will walk you through the details. We hope to hear from you soon.

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