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Lucky for you, Acadia 7.6 comes Friday, July 13

Acadia 7.6 brings better context for content contributors, draft stealing, and more.

Friday the 13th makes me think of two of my favorite things: horror films and hockey. What do horror films and hockey have to do with this month’s release? Nothing. But it does give me a chance to remind you that the Washington Capitals are Stanley Cup champions.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about this month’s release. July’s release continues our trend of improving content creation collaboration by adding more context to documents that are locked in draft, for edit, or in workflow. We’ve also given content contributors the ability to take idle drafts, ensuring your content edits stay on track.

We’ve also put additional controls in place for quiz distribution and improved document number searching.

Keep reading for the details.

Document Lock Context, and Taking Drafts

When we released Workflow Edit Steps in April, we added context to the document preview screen to let contributors know when others were editing on the same workflow step. As folks adopted edit steps, we started receiving feedback that it would be nice to see a document’s edit status from the published document view.

Now in 7.6, contributors with edit permissions on a document will see a banner displaying the document’s status if it is locked. The banner will show if the document is currently being edited, in workflow, or saved as a draft.

For documents currently being edited, only the locked status will be displayed.

For documents in workflow, you’ll be given the option to view the draft, including any changes in the submitted document.  If you have force permissions, you’ll be given the option to force publish the document from the review screen.

For documents saved in another contributor’s Drafts, you’ll be given a “Take Draft” option. “Take Draft” will allow you to edit another user’s draft. This is helpful if a document is “stuck” in someone’s Drafts and you need to publish changes quickly.

Clicking “Take Draft” requires you to leave a note, which will become part of the document’s workflow history for audit purposes. Any changes made prior to taking the draft will be retained.

Quiz Alerts

We like to make things easy in Acadia, but sometimes they can be a little too easy! We’ve had a few instances where folks inadvertently distributed quizzes to a large audience when distributing directly from the document. To prevent this from happening, we’re sending would-be quiz distributors to the Alerts distribution wizard, which requires a confirmation prior to distribution.

Now all Acknowledgements and Quizzes will require confirmation prior to sending alerts.

Partial Document Number Search

Finally, we’ve improved the way we index document numbers to make searching by document number easier.  Prior to 7.6, you had to type the full document number (including the prefix) to match. Starting Friday, document number searches will operate just as content searches, meaning partial document number matches will return in your search results.

Once again, this release is the result of really good feedback from our clients. We think the extra context and ability to take drafts will make the lives of our content contributors much easier. Keep the feedback coming and we’ll keep improving Acadia.

If you’re superstitious, have no fear this Friday the 13th. If I can finally touch The Cup without jinxing the Capitals, there’s no such thing as superstition anymore.

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