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Coming June 15: Acadia 6.3

Acadia 6.3 expands home screen functionality, document printing, search, and more.

Our focus with Acadia 6.3 is to refine some of the most common features that you use every day in Acadia. With this month’s release, we’ve improved the Home screen to make it easier to jump into your content, enhanced the styling of printed documents, and improved broadcasts. We've also refined our search algorithm. We’ll be pushing these changes to you on the evening of June 15 so they’ll be ready when you log in on Friday.

Recently Viewed Documents

One common theme over the last several releases is the expansion of our reporting framework. This expansion has benefits far beyond the reports bundled in Acadia. In addition to laying the groundwork for more flexible reporting, the framework exposes data that can be leveraged to create new features. The “Recently Viewed Documents” feature is the first feature to leverage the new reporting framework. To access the feature, simply click on the empty search bar from the home screen. A dropdown will show the last three documents in your view history. Now you’re just two clicks away from picking up where you left off the last time you were in Acadia.

Acadia home screen search showing recently viewed documents

Search Preview

The “Recently Viewed Documents” feature isn’t the only improvement to the Home screen search bar. Now when you type your search term, we’ll preview the search results by displaying the top three search matches directly on the home screen. This allows you to gain access to any of the top three documents without the need to view all search results on the Documents screen.  If your document isn’t in the top three results, you can still hit “Enter” to view the entire search results on the Documents screen.

Acadia home screen search bar shows search preview while typing search term

Procedure Printing Improvements

We aim to make Acadia content available anywhere, at any time. We understand this means content needs to look good in a physical format. As well as on screen. With Acadia 6.3, we’ve significantly improved the styling of printed procedure documents. Now when you print Acadia procedures, we’ll do our best to ensure procedure steps don’t get broken across multiple pages. We’ll also scale images to make sure they fit just right on the printed page.

Print icon on Acadia procedure document

Access Media Between Collections

We’re finding more and more use cases where folks are copying content between collections. Prior to 6.3, this meant the media from a copied document was not available for reuse with other documents in the collection. Now when you copy documents between collections, you’ll be able to access the associated media from the media picker in the destination collection. We think this will greatly improve your experience when copying documents.

Document edit menu shows copy option in drop down

Rich Text in Broadcast Messages

Historically, Broadcast messages were limited to plain text. There weren’t many opportunities beyond carriage returns and dynamically expanding users’ first and last names to control the way your broadcast messages look. Starting with this month’s release, you’ll be able to add formatted text and external links to your broadcast messages. If you don’t believe me, look at the very-meta screenshot of the alert I just sent to our staging environment!

Acadia alerts screen showing format text bar


Search Modifications

Finally, what would an Acadia release be without some improvements to our search algorithm? This month we've focused on environments with massive amounts of documents. Prior to 6.3, multiple search terms would broaden the search results where users would expect a more refined listing. Now when you search with multiple search terms, expect to see a more focused search results listing.

We think Acadia 6.3 improves upon some core features making it the most usable version yet. Behind the scenes, we’re laying the foundation for future features so we can continue to have a positive impact on your business. As you continue to improve your business, we hope you’ll share your feedback so we can continue to improve with you.

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