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Coming May 18th, Acadia 7.4

Improved task distribution and reporting, document review, searching and filtering, and user management

Whether you’re a content contributor, task manager, end-user, or administrator; this month’s Acadia release has features and enhancements that will have a positive impact on your work. This month’s release brings the following enhancements:

  1.  Easier task distribution
  2.  Better task management reporting
  3.  More options for scheduled document reviews
  4.  Search and filter URLs
  5.  User screen properties filters
  6.  Performance improvements for content editors

Read on for the details on the enhancements that will be available Friday, May 18th.

Mass-assign task lists

Beginning Friday, as a contributor, you’ll be able to distribute multiple task lists, to multiple people, all at once. This is useful if you want to assign several procedures for a shift, or if you want to assign several onboarding procedures to a group of people starting at the same time.

Those familiar with our alerts and quiz distribution wizards will feel right at home distributing tasks. To begin, navigate to the Tasks screen and find the “Distribute Tasks” icon near the top right-hand side of the screen.

Clicking the icon will allow you to add procedures and assign a deadline for the newly-created task lists. Click the “+ Add” icon to browse and search for procedure documents for distribution.

The next step in the process is to choose who will be assigned the new tasks. Search the user picker to select the recipients.

Finally, confirm the details on the task distribution screen. In addition to a summary of the distribution details, you’ll notice an active confirmation to ensure you don’t inadvertently distribute tasks before you’re ready.  We’ve also added this safeguard to the Acknowledgement and Quiz distribution wizard.

Date filtering on task lists

Recently, we were lucky enough to spend some time with one of our manufacturing clients. They leverage tasks to ensure their SOPs are followed according to schedule, with great accuracy, and to capture exceptions during execution. Based on feedback, we were able to make a minor improvement that should help them zero-in on exactly what’s assigned and executed each day.

By adding a date filter to the Tasks Report, managers can now filter by delegation date to see activity for specific timeframes.

Document Milestones

We’ve also made some changes to the content edit wizard.  Now in Acadia 7.4, you’ll notice the addition of a “Milestones” tab in the wizard. The Milestones tab consolidates all important dates associated with your content.  This makes for cleaner Content and Properties screens, while giving you a single view of your content’s scheduled lifecycle.

We’ve also added another option to the document review schedule.  In addition to scheduling an interval to review the document, you’ll now be able to pick a specific review date. This allows you to schedule reviews independent of publish date.

Content editors who were invited to edit via workflow will not have access to the Milestones tab.  This further allows you to manage compliance independent of content changes.

Sticky Filters and Search

We’ve updated the Documents screen in 7.4 to make your applied filters and search strings “Sticky” as you navigate through Acadia. This means each filter and search term applied on the Documents screen is added to your browser history. This allows you to search and apply filters, open a document, and hit “Back” to have your search and filters still applied.

As an added bonus, we generate a unique address as you search and filter which can be copied and pasted to direct users directly to the documents screen with your filters and search terms already applied.

Users Screen properties filters

For our system administrators, we’ve improved user management by adding User Properties filters to the Users screen. This is helpful to identify users by properties and test integration settings.

Procedure template performance improvements

Finally, we’ve improved editor performance for procedures with many steps. While we always recommend breaking procedure documents down to their simplest components, we recognize that some processes may be complex and demand lots of procedure steps.  We’ve made several changes under the hood to speed up the editor and reduce the impact of many steps.

We’re extremely excited about this month’s release.  Due to the breadth of features and enhancements in 7.4, we feel this can have a positive impact on everyone who uses Acadia, regardless of their role.  As always, let us know how we did.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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