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New in Acadia 6.2: Task Comments

Acadia 6.2 improves task management with commenting and expanded reporting

Ever since the release of task management, we’ve heard about lots of use cases for converting documented procedures into actionable checklists. From our process improvement experts looking to reinforce ever-changing best practices, to our learning and development folks wanting to manage a mix of traditional and just-in-time training, task management has proven its utility among a variety of our clients.

Acadia 6.2 expands this utility by giving you the ability to add comments, upload files, log exceptions, and report on tasks in more comprehensive ways than before. Commenting on tasks allows our L&D experts to interact with students as they complete training material, our Process Improvement engineers to view exceptions when there was a breakdown in a key process, and our Operations folks to verify procedures were executed to specification.

Task Commenting

Starting with 6.2, you’ll notice something different about each of your tasks and task lists. When you log in Friday morning, you’ll see that each task and task list has a dialog box that allows you to submit comments, add attachments, and log exceptions. Beneath this box is a sequential list of all the comments associated with the task or list.

Acadia Task Dialog

Once a comment has been saved to a task, this comment is part of the task’s permanent record and will be visible from the tasks screen and any task report.

Acadia Task Comments

Reporting on Tasks

Speaking of task reports, we’ve updated all existing reports to include indicators for comments and exceptions. In addition to the indicators, links are provided to comment content including any attachments.

Acadia Task Report Details

User Actions Report

We’ve updated the User Actions report to include a tab dedicated to a user’s tasks.  Now when you search for a user in the User Actions Report, you’ll be able to see the details for any tasks the user has been assigned.

Acadia User Action Report on Tasks

Tasks Report

Finally, we’ve added a Tasks widget to the Reports dashboard.  The Tasks report allows you to see the status of all tasks on the system.  Document and user properties filters allow you to sort through the results and focus on just the tasks you need. Make sure you “star” the Tasks report to stick it to your dashboard.

Acadia Task Report Chart

We’re extremely excited to add commenting to tasks. Since adding the task management feature to Acadia, there’s been no other feature that has garnered as much consistent feedback. In every use case, collecting execution-time information was identified as a key component to process improvement, employee development, and maintaining existing operations.

We’d love to hear your feedback and hear about your use cases. Give task commenting a try when you log in Friday and let us know what you think.

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