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Available November 17: Acadia 6.8

Acadia 6.8 Improves Manuals, Documents Screen, Policies, and More

November’s Acadia release is chock full of feature enhancements based on direct client feedback. This month we focused on features that would make your existing documents more dynamic and functional while allowing users to customize their Documents screen experience. Additionally, we’ve added more backend enhancements and offline task management features.

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Manual enhancements

Much of the focus of Acadia 6.8 was on improving manuals to make for a much more cohesive experience. The first major improvement was to allow for a description within each manual section. Prior to the November release, you were only allowed to add a section title to manuals. This effectively limited the use of manuals to a “table of contents” for related documents. Starting with November’s release, you’ll be able to add detailed descriptions, including multimedia, to each manual section. This detail will provide more context around the documents within each section.

While on the topic of manuals, we heard frequently how folks would like to view documents inline within their manuals. To accomplish this, we’ve added the ability to expand and collapse documents within any manual.

Acadia Manual Click to Expand

To expand a document, simply click on any document within a manual. The document will automatically expand inline within the document. If you wish to open the document in a new tab, simply expand the document and click the icon to open in another tab.

Acadia Manual Expand Document in-line

Default Document Screen Filters

For 6.8, we’ve given you the ability to customize your Documents screen experience by allowing you to set default filters.  Default filters allow Acadia to automatically apply your preferred filters each time you visit the Documents screen.

To set default filters, simply navigate to the Documents screen, and apply your desired filters. Once the filters are applied, click “Set as Default Filters”.

Acadia Apply filters

Review your settings and click “Save”.

Acadia Set Default Filters

Now that you’ve set default filters, they’ll be applied each time you return to the Documents screen.  To modify your default filters, simply repeat the process.

Acadia default filters applies

Full WYSIWYG in Policies

Our policy template got updated to give a full-featured editor in each section.  Now you can add full formatting and multimedia to every section within policy documents.  For those keeping score, the “Notes” section in procedure documents remains the only section without a full editor.  It’s a safe bet that we’ll remedy that section in a future release.

Beta Offline Task Management

For those participating in the Alpha testing of offline task management, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve progressed to the beta release.  In addition to basic offline tasks, we’ve added the ability to leave task comments and attachments while offline.  As we approach the production release in December, we’ll periodically release new features and functionality to the beta environment. Your Customer Success Manager will be reaching out to each of our beta testers to discuss test plans and gather feedback.

Integration Enhancements

It’s our annual tradition to honor Donny Andrews and this perfectly-placed poultry. We’ve got other reasons to honor Donny this month as he was a key part of revamping our integration framework. These enhancements introduced better error-handling, and more flexibility that will allow us to integrate with your HRIS and authentication systems quicker and easier than ever.

Beer can Donny

We’re really excited about the features in our November release. It’s packed full of features we know our clients have been waiting for. Keep the feedback coming by letting us know how you like the new features!

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