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Acadia 6.7 Release Notes

Acadia 6.7 brings better reports filters, custom theming, and a task management alpha release

With the 6.7 release, custom properties are now fully-integrated throughout Acadia by adding custom property filters to all reports. While working on the reports filters, we made them consistent with the documents screen filters to improve usability.

We rounded out the release by refactoring Acadia’s styling to allow for custom themes, added page titles for each Acadia page, made further backend enhancements, and officially kicked off the alpha phase of an exciting task management feature.

Reports Filters

Acadia Report Filters

Beginning Friday, October 20, you’ll notice the reports filters have been completely revamped to behave more like the documents screen filters. Now when you apply a filter, the results are immediately reflected in the corresponding report without any additional action. This allows you to quickly preview the effect your filter had on the results without abandoning the filter picker. You’ll also notice the inclusion of collection and custom property filters. These new filters help you further refine your results to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Page Titles

Acadia Page titles in web browser

With Friday’s release, we’ve added page titles to each and every page in Acadia. The page title will be visible on each browser tab and in your web browser history. This will help you identify each page (and document) open in your browser, and will help you navigate directly to any page in your history. This is a minor change that we think provides a large amount of value while navigating around Acadia.

Custom Theming

Sonic Automotive custom Acadia theming


Echo Park Custom Acadia Theming

Last month we were fortunate enough to add Sonic Automotive to our growing list of Acadia clients. Sonic Automotive wanted to apply their branding to the Acadia interface. Our approach was to build a framework to apply custom themes to Acadia. These themes can be assigned as a user preference. This allows Sonic Automotive employees to experience Acadia with their red color scheme while Echo Park employees see their green color scheme. We worked with the Sonic Automotive team to ensure the new themes match their brands while meeting best practices for website accessibility.

Now that we’ve built the theming framework, we’re able to build any number of custom themes. Give us a call if you’re interested in learning more.

Backend Enhancements

Search icon


Although you won’t notice it when you log in, there have been some significant backend changes to Acadia with this release. The most notable of which affects how Acadia leverages its search service. The search service has been reconfigured to allow future flexibility while improving availability. Additionally, security enhancements have been added to the core application and integration code.

Task Management

Offline Logo

Task management in Acadia is a great way to ensure your “one best way” procedures are being put into practice by putting actionable task lists into the hands of your employees. Commenting and reporting on these tasks help to maintain a record of when and how your procedures are executed.

One drawback of the Internet is that it doesn’t always reach every place you may need to access step-by-step instructions. With this in mind, we’ve been working to extend task management functionality while your device is offline. Alongside the October Acadia release, we’re kicking off the alpha program for offline task management so we can gather feedback and enhance functionality for the final release. We’ve got several folks signed up to offer feedback on the new feature. If this is a feature you’re interested in, we’d love to hear from you.

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