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SAI Announces Acadia Release 5.7.0

Acadia 5.7.0 goes live Friday, October 14th with several large enhancements to feedback, document, and task reporting.

We’ve been busy collecting feedback over the past several months, and it’s always interesting to see the parallels between various industry verticals.  From our manufacturing clients like Anheuser Busch and Mohawk, to healthcare clients such as Sheppard Pratt Health System, we’ve heard loud and clear how valuable it is to easily report on the data contained within Acadia so more robust reporting has been the focus with our newest release, Acadia 5.7.0.  Below is a list of the improvements which will be ready to use when you log in on Friday, October 14.

Improved Feedback Report

We’ve updated the Recent Feedback report to provide access to user feedback for all active documents on the system, all in one place. In addition to accessing a specific document’s feedback via its document report, the Recent Feedback report now has a “view all” option. Advanced filtering and sorting allow you to quickly access the feedback you need to improve your critical policy and procedure documentation. Keep an eye out for even more improvements in our document feedback reports in future releases.


Acadia Feedback Report


Document Task Report

Task management has proven to be a game changer for our clients. Managing the execution of “one best way” procedures by converting procedure documents to task lists has caught on, particularly with our manufacturing clients. With our 5.7.0 release, we’ve added the ability to view a report of all task lists generated from a specific procedure document. Simply browse to any procedure document and access the document report to see the status of all task lists associated with that procedure.


Acadia Task Report


Redesigned Document Report screen

While on the topic of document reports, they’ve been completely redesigned to provide better filtering and a more cohesive experience. The addition of tabs allows you to quickly and easily switch between Acknowledgement, Quiz, Feedback, and Task reports without leaving the document report screen. Behind the scenes, an all-new reports framework improves performance while allowing more ways to sort and filter your data.


Acadia Document Report


Manual and Routine Rollup Report

Manuals and routines are an effective way to combine related content into larger bodies of work. With Acadia 5.7.0, you’ll now be able to see combined document reports for every document in a manual or routine. We’ve even added the new task report to manuals and routines containing procedure documents. In addition to increasing the usefulness of manuals and routines, this rollup report lays the groundwork for things to come in future releases.


Acadia Roll-Up Report


Better Search Term Indication

When it comes to usability, sometimes a very minor change can make a big difference.  By increasing the contrast of search term matches, we help ensure that there is no doubt as to why a document returns in your search results. You’ll notice this difference the first time you search for a document in Acadia.


Acadia Document Search


Improved Mobile Experience & Bug Fixes

We strive to make our product much more usable with every release, and this release is no exception. In addition to robust reporting enhancements, we’ve made numerous changes to improve the mobile experience in Acadia. Finally, we found some bugs along the way and squashed them in short order.

We hope you’re as excited about these new features as we are and we look forward to announcing the improvements in next month’s release. As always, keep the feedback coming!

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