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SAI Releases Acadia 5.11 on February 17

Home Screen

Acadia 5.11 delivers personalization, document consistency, alert context, and more!

Just because it’s the shortest month of the year doesn’t mean we’re scaling back the number of feature enhancements in February’s release. As a matter of fact, Acadia version 5.11 is one of the largest releases to date. We think this release has features that will appeal to content contributors and viewers alike.

Beginning Friday, February 17, you’ll find that we’ve personalized the home screen, added the ability to configure default properties on collections, given you more context when sending alerts, improved procedure document formatting, and improved searching and filtering.

Personalized home screen

The first thing you’ll notice when you log in Friday is the more personalized home screen. In addition to providing a friendly greeting, it gives you quick access to documents in specific collections. By listing your viewable collections on the home screen, you now have 1-click access to all the documents in each collection.

We’ve gotten lots of positive feedback on the usefulness of the collections filter on the documents screen.  With the “Your Collections” section on the home screen, it’s easier than ever to navigate directly to what you’re looking for.

Acadia Home Screen

Default properties per collection

We know how important consistently applied properties can be to ensuring your users can discover the content they need, when they need it. We also know how easy it can be to miss applying properties altogether. To ensure properties are applied on a consistent basis, we’ve added the ability to configure default properties at the collection level.

To configure default properties on a given collection, navigate to any collection from the settings screen. You’ll see the familiar properties picker within the collections configuration screen. Once properties are chosen, newly created documents in the collection will be pre-populated with the default properties.

We think the default properties feature will help speed up the content creation process while improving document consistency.

Acadia Performance Platform Default Properties

Contextual Alerts

Sending acknowledgements and quizzes by user properties is a great way to target similar user populations. To improve the experience, we’ve revamped the “Distribute Alerts” wizard to provide more context around who will receive an alert distribution. Now the summary screen will show the number of users affected by a given alert distribution.

Acadia Confirmation Screen

Clicking “View All” will reveal a searchable list of all affected users. 

Acadia Context Users

Procedure Document layout changes

We’ve made a couple minor tweaks that we feel make a big impact to the procedure document layout. Based on client feedback and user testing, we’ve made the following changes to the procedure document template:

  • Moved the “Things I Need” callout to the “Description” section,
  • added the ability to include multimedia in the “Description” section,
  • and moved “More Information” below the procedure steps.

Moving “Things I Need” into the “Description” section allowed us to reclaim the right-hand column ensuring that your procedure steps can span the full width of your document.

After looking at hundreds (or was it thousands?) of documents for a large import project, we realized there was the need to add multimedia to procedure documents without associating it with a procedure step. To accomplish this, we’ve opened the “Description” section to allow for the addition of multimedia.

Finally, after user testing, it made sense to move “More Information” closer to the bottom of the document so the content appears in the order it is consumed.

Acadia Document Changes

Search / Documents screen improvements

Last but not least, we’ve tweaked the way the search subsystem works to improve the accuracy of search results, particularly when searching by document number. By making these changes, we were also able to vastly improve the performance of the document screen.

We hope these enhancements have a positive impact the next time you log in to Acadia.

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