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Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: Task Collaboration in Acadia

Acadia 7.7 brings task collaboration to ensure better adoption of best practices

From onboarding new employees to maintaining stable operations, task lists are a great way to ensure critical steps aren’t missed while executing the processes that run your business. Our clients have been telling us how they’re leveraging task lists to ensure compliance and accurate execution while collecting valuable feedback when putting their best practices into action.

One theme we’ve been hearing consistently is that folks would like to enable their staff to better collaborate on task lists. Specific scenarios include:

  • Ensuring continuity across shift changes
  • Assigning tasks to a “pool” of potential employees instead of specific individuals
  • Allowing folks of various roles to pick tasks suited to their expertise

August’s release brings several updates to the Task Management feature in Acadia. The most significant update is the ability for your users to discover and collaborate on task lists.


Search and Filter Tasks

Now, when you access the tasks screen, you’ll notice a few changes. First, you’ll notice a prominent search bar replaces the “Add a Task” text box. You can still create ad-hoc tasks by using the “Create Task” button next to the task distribution link.

You’ll also notice task ownership and property filters next to your task listing.

Finally, you may see some tasks and task lists with icons indicating collaborative tasks vs. assigned tasks. More on this in a bit.

Task Screen Overview


Searching and filtering tasks work as you’d expect. The search bar will search the titles of all task lists available to you. Since task properties are inherited from the documents they were created from, the filters will react exactly the same as they do on the Documents screen. Default filters can be saved by applying filters and clicking “Set as Default Filters”.

Search and Filter

Task Visibility and Collaboration

To support task collaboration, we’ve added a new assignment option and introduced the concept of task visibility. In addition to assigning a task to a specific user, you can assign the list as “Collaborative”. Designating a task as collaborative allows any user with permission to the source document to complete tasks in the list.

There are two visibility options: “Private” and “Shared”. Private tasks will function just as they did prior to the 7.7 release and will only be available to the task owners and delegators. Shared tasks will be viewable by any user who has access to the source document. Collaborative tasks will always be “Shared”.

Assignment and visibility of existing tasks can be changed by expanding the task list and modifying the appropriate option.

Private and Assigned Task


Collaborative and Shared Task


As users complete collaborative tasks, task ownership will transition from collaborative to the user who completed the task. This will also be reflected in the Tasks reports.

Collaborative Ownership

Finally, we’ve added the new assignment and visibility options to the tasks distribution wizard. From the wizard, you can now mass-assign tasks as shared and collaborative. This allows you to create tasks for a department over a shift or weekend without specifically picking users to complete the work.

Task Distribution - assigned vs. collaborative


Task Distribution - private vs shared

Task collaboration is a huge feature that we hope has a positive impact for you all. We had several use cases in mind as we developed the feature and hope to hear your feedback as you introduce task collaboration into your work.

Give it a try and let us know how we did. We’re looking forward to learning how you might use the new feature. As always, our customer success team is here to help you get started.

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