Introducing Acadia Evaluations

Assess the efficacy, compliance, and capability of your processes, documentation, and employees.

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Hunt Valley, MD, November 22, 2019 – SAI, a software products and consulting firm, today announced the release of Evaluations, a new feature of the Acadia® Performance Platform that will enable clients to improve the efficiency and quality of their teams’ work.

Acadia improves performance and decreases costs across an organization through standardization of one best way work processes, compliance tracking, and job aid distribution. With Evaluations, Acadia enables companies to assess processes, documents and employees to continuously improve their performance over time.

“We begin the development of every new Acadia feature by speaking with our clients – understanding their needs and how they will use our software in real world scenarios. In the case of Evaluations, it quickly became clear that each of our customers was already engaged in similar assessments. We identified commonalities and combined those with continuous improvement best practices,” said Josh Crone, Vice President & CTO, Software Products at SAI.

“Providing your team with the best work instructions to follow One Best Way processes goes a long way toward helping employees understand how to do their job. Evaluations provide an unbiased, quantitative way to review their comprehension and provide specific feedback for improvement. It also provides a regular opportunity to reinforce regulatory and safety requirements,” continued Crone.

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