100% SQF Audit Scores

Safe Quality Food (SQF) audits help food and beverage manufacturers build confidence and trust with customers through a rigorous standard and certification process. But with that rigor comes complexity. Incorporating SQF guidelines into your own processes is crucial to passing. Record keeping and documentation also has an impact on how your facility scores.

The documentation required to prove that codes are being followed can be particularly time consuming if done on paper. Quality managers can invest hours organizing records for a successful audit.


  • Two 100% audit scores
  • Simpler, streamlined audit process
  • A plug and play manual that allows anyone to run through an audit, not only the document owner

“Besides the fact that it looks nice and keeps everything in one location, Acadia’s made it easy for anyone on my team to run through an audit!”

– Quality Excellence Manager

New Capabilities:

  • A single source of truth and central hub for all documentation and SOPs
  • Automated reminders for customized review cycles
  • Simplified peer or SME review through customized workflows

One of our clients is the largest vertical farming company in the United States. Since deploying Acadia, they’ve achieved two perfect Safe Quality Food audit scores with the help of a streamlined audit process and a single source of truth.

Before Acadia, they used a single shared document to house everything. The document was filled with links to resources and internal documents on a shared drive. It was not intuitive but rather difficult to navigate and nearly impossible to search. It made the audit process confusing for the quality team to use.

With Acadia, the team created procedures for every section of audit code. Then, each procedure was added chronologically to a manual. This created one easy-to-access location for anything they might need to produce for an auditor. No one needed to go searching around in other documents, through different file folders, or piles of paper.

Now, even when the lead quality manager isn’t available, others on his team can – and do – easily step in and run through an audit without him.

The auditors have noticed, too. They’ve commented on how easy it is to recall and access documents by simply writing the document number in their notes. They also liked the maintenance of records each time documents were edited but still allowing frontline employees to only see the most up-to-date procedures.

As they open additional locations in the future, they’ll be able to use the same manual to help ace audits there, too.

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