Build autonomous teams who execute consistently, efficiently, and proactively to improve your business

Transform your processes and your teams

Acadia’s dynamic and flexible tools help you develop autonomous teams in two key ways:

  1. Execute critical processes consistently
  2. Build, track, and mobilize team skills

Let us show you how simple and inexpensive it can be to improve profitability while improving your teams’ capabilities.

Process Execution & Improvement Tools

Improve process execution, improve profitability

Acadia provides tools and a simple adoption method that will dramatically improve the performance of your team by ensuring compliance with One Best Way policies and procedures.

  • Define your best practices for critical tasks
  • Train employees on the job with step-by-step instruction
  • Confirm comprehension and compliance
Knowledge Management

When everyone knows where to find the One Best Way procedures standard work is the standard

  • Create documents with easy to use tools
  • Insert videos, images, and dynamic content
  • Approve content through workflows you define
  • Find information you need with robust algorithmic-based search and custom meta-data filters
  • Translate documents automatically to other languages
Digital Work Instructions

Employees who complete critcal tasks by following checklists make less mistakes and work more efficiently

  • Convert procedures to task lists with one click
  • Make critical information available as job aids within work instructions
  • Assign task lists by QR code, ERP integration, or manager distribution
  • Ensure procedure compliance with end-to-end task tracking
  • Share task list responsibility among teams and across shifts
Structured Feedback

Capture employee feedback that’s specific to tasks they’re working on, improving procedures and engaging teams

  • Identify incremental improvement opportunities
  • Engage employees by making them part of the process
  • Capture feedback that’s actionable and applicable
  • Update procedures quickly then immediately update the team
Team Communication

Relevant and actionable communication to individuals or teams that need to see it.

  • Auditable acknowledgements when employees have received process changes
  • Group communications about important changes or updates to protocol
  • Identifiable changes in documents to easily view updates

Assessments of employee comprehension of process changes

  • Create awareness around important information
  • Reinforce critical points that you want to stick
  • Identify those who might need additional training support
Process Evaluations

Evaluate processes on a recurring basis to ensure efficiency

  • Identify gaps and opportunities to improve
  • Validate completeness of critical processes
  • Formalize and digitize Gemba walks to ensure consistency

2 minute overview of process execution tools

Acadia works on the factory floor and in the accounting office. Here’s a quick overview of how it works.

Skills Management Tools

Create Real Engagement

Acadia helps you see your team’s capabilities, strengths, and gaps. It helps employees understand where they stand and identifies a path for skills progression.

  • See your entire team’s capabilities and gaps in a skills matrix
  • Identify opportunities to upskill and advance individuals
  • Create career path visibility to improve engagement and retention
Role Definition

Establish the requirements for each role

  • Confirm the training required to operate autonomously
  • Identify the critical procedures that need to be mastered
  • Outline the skills needed to transition to the next level
Role Requirement Tracking

Managers and employees have visibility as employees complete activities

  • Number of times procedures have been completed accurately
  • Passing required quizzes to ensure comprehension
  • Acknowledgement and compliance with critical policies
Evaluation of Role Mastery

Managers perform structured, objective evaluations of employee capabilities

  • Managers complete evaluations as employees perform tasks
  • Every employee is evaluated based on the same standards
  • Employees understand specifically where to improve
Career Path Visibility

Employees understand where they stand and what they need to achieve to advance

  • Employees see what steps they need to take to advance
  • Managers can identify employees who can help fill skills gaps
  • Visibility for managers and employees creates trust and improves retention
Skills Management Matrix

See your entire team’s capabilities in an instant

  • Understand every employee’s capabilities and where you have gaps
  • Encourage those who are close to advancing to take next steps
  • Ditch the spreadsheet and plan for demand quickly and easily

2 minute overview of Skills Management tools

Acadia not only improves process execution, it helps you understand your team’s proficiency. Here’s how it works.

Enterprise Ready for any Enterprise

Acadia is workplace tested and built to serve the needs of large organizations first. But we’ve also made it easy and affordable to work for small businesses as well.

Our standards meet the most rigorous requirements of our enterprise customers working globally in manufacturing, transportation & logistics, banking, and other highly regulated industries.

Privacy & Security

Your Organization’s Privacy & Security is Our Priority

We hold ourselves accountable to the best practices and technologies available to maintain the highest level of security and privacy for your information.

  • Secure Single Sign On – automated provisioning and deprovisioning of users using Active Directory, LDAP and a range of other single sign-on platforms.
  • Role-Based Access Control – access can be set based on user, group, job role, location and other meta data.
  • Product Security – Secure solution developed using security best practices; leveraging multi-layer encryption, intrusion prevention, and data partitioning.
  • Global Privacy Requirements – meet privacy requirements by region, including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Reporting & Analytics

Insights That Can Change Your Business

Holistically view the performance of your workforce, teams and individual employees. Understand what processes are working the best and who needs more support.

  • Activity Insights – all employee activity and performance is fully auditable including task completion, policy acknowledgement, quiz results and platform activity.
  • Data Correlation – easily combine Acadia reports with other operational data to gain important insights about how to improve efficiency and quality.
  • Audit Logs – system admins have access to a detailed trail of account activity, including platform usage, policy acknowledgements, task completion and quiz results.
  • Validate or Re-engineer Processes – assess the efficacy of your standardized work processes and policies.
Integrations & Support

Simple to Incorporate Into Your Existing Workflow

We believe software should be easy to implement and use. It should not require you to make additional investments in hardware or staff. We support you from day one to meet your goals.

  • Easy Adoption – Doesn’t require IT support to launch. No software to install or hardware to buy.
  • Integrations – easily integrate with SSO, ERP, HRIS, Credentialing, LMS, Compliance, IOT and other systems for automated event triggers, authentication or reporting outputs.
  • Change Management – application level updates are made each month and account level updates to settings and configurations are controlled by you.
  • Dedicated Support – for help with configuration, training and troubleshooting.
  • Always-On Access – Even if a force of nature caused an unforeseen outage, Enterprise Acadia customer implementations include a replica that is triggered in the unlikely event of a primary system outage.
  • Language Requirements – synchronize content globally, in multiple languages at once.

How we work with you

We act as an extension of your team, helping you improve KPIs with Acadia as an enabler.

  • Import content and suggest improvements for better results
  • Consult to identify opportunities to make your processes more efficient
  • Track progress against your goals and suggest strategies to optimize
  • Present with you to your executive leadership on project wins, status, and next steps

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