Ensure critical processes are followed explicitly with tools that engage your employees and change their behavior.

Safety & Precision in Operations

Consistency, Efficiency & Safety

Acadia provides a consistent source of truth that is available to employees from onboarding and training to the execution of daily tasks. One Best Way processes that are embedded from day one become second nature to employees. Digital SOPs that include videos and other job aids are easier to follow.  This helps ensure everyone knows how to complete their work safely and accurately. With each individual following the same repeatable and auditable process, the ability to measure, analyze, improve and control becomes more achievable.

The result is a reduction in errors and workplace accidents, and an improvement in employee retention.

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Audit Trail & Accountability

In most operations, standard work compliance correlates directly to performance. When compliance expectations are met, tasks take less time, fines and errors are reduced, and safety KPIs are improved.

Managers with visibility into employee SOP compliance can identify who is performing tasks according to critical, regulated processes and who might need additional training or support. By digitally tracking compliance of policies and procedures, you also create an audit trail that can help you comply with IOGCC, EPA, state, and local regulations.

Two men in hard hats operating a pipeline.
Error Reduction

Employees who fail to follow procedures precisely as required by regulatory agencies, can incur fines and even stop production. If safety protocols aren’t followed, some accidents can have even more dire consequences. When every employee follows One Best Way work instructions, accidents occur less often, making employees safer and your operations more efficient.

A woman in a hardhat using a tablet device.
Training & Onboarding

Consistent performance among your frontline employees starts with your training approach. We learn better while doing. Job-embedded training programs are immediately more relevant than classroom or course-based activities. They take less time. They require less effort to pay attention.

Acadia improves training effectiveness by injecting training directly into work. Employees have easy access to the right content at the moment they are performing the task. Managers can check comprehension with quizzing and evaluations to ensure everyone gets the support they need.

Two employees in hard hats.

Why Acadia

Enterprise Ready

Technology that meets the most rigorous requirements but is as easy to implement and use as consumer-grade applications.


View the performance of your workforce, teams and individual employees holistically and compared to other business data sources.

Behavior Change

Help your employees consistently practice One Best Way skills and ensure they are retained.


Easily integrate with your business data sources – HRIS, ERP, WMS, etc.


Meet regulatory obligations with complete audit trails for employees and documents

Available Everywhere

Access on any device with a browser online or offline.

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