Enable Oversight for Different Types of Healthcare Facilities Across the State

Citizens and organizations depend on state health departments to provide a wide variety of services quickly and consistently. A single source of truth ensures all employees are trained and performing their duties in compliance with ever-changing policies, regulations, and guidelines.


  • Increased time-to-proficiency for new hires
  • Improved onboarding and training
  • Greater acknowledgement of new policies and procedures
  • Streamlined audit process
  • Single source of truth for policies, regulations, and processes

After seeing how easy it was to use, my staff led the way on implementing Acadia. Now it drives all our onboarding, training, and procedures.”

 – Executive Director at the Office of Health Care Quality

New Capabilities:

  • Maintain documentation to process, manage, and regulate 33 types of health facilities that each have different standards
  • Monitor rigorous team onboarding and training processes including document completion and quizzing results
  • Employee engagement through staff implementation of documentation has ensured continued adherence to protocol

Our client is a state health department that oversees 33 different types of healthcare facilities across the state, each with their own standards. Facilities vary from hospitals to doctor’s offices, disabilities facilities, mental health facilities, assisted-living facilities, and more.

It was arduous to govern all the documentation required to help employees process, manage, and regulate each one. They lacked the workflow control to maintain ownership and accuracy.

Since converting their documents to Acadia, they now have a single source of truth employees can access from anywhere. They easily manage policies and procedures, track compliance, and accelerate training and onboarding. They can find the information they need for each program under their jurisdiction with algorithmic-based search and custom filters. They can quickly and consistently perform their duties compliantly with complete audit trails for each document and employee.

Onboarding and training have become more engaging and rigorous with document completion and quizzing to confirm understanding. As documents are updated, Acadia allows them to send out Acknowledgments to ensure continued adherence to protocol.

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