100% Quality & Safety Audit Scores

Audits performed by government regulators or customer contractors ensure product safety and consistency. They also reinforce customer and consumer confidence…unless the audit results are negative. Then it may take a lot more effort to overcome negative perceptions, or worse repair damage done by a defective product.

We scored 100% for the first time ever on an audit. We have set the bar high for ourselves. More importantly, the customer was thrilled!

– Quality Systems Manager

New Capabilities

  • Single source of truth for all audit documents, policies, and procedures
  • Customized and streamlined workflows for revising content and controlling which versions are available to teams
  • Quickly and easily access all relevant documents based on customer, location, and other meta data
  • Understand at a glance if content meets review requirements
  • See document revisions that have been made since last viewed

An Acadia client, a global food manufacturing company with operations in North America, Europe and Asia, maintains the highest standards of food safety and quality for its restaurant customers. It has been the gold standard in the industry for nearly a century.

The way the company maintains such high standards and keeps customers coming back year after year is rooted in its robust audit process.

But as audits have become more robust, managing to its own standards, as well as the individual requirements of each customer has become increasingly complex.

The main source of complexity in the audit process was in the volume of documents required to perform the audits, as well as the process used to store, update, and review them. Because of this, it was difficult to produce proper documentation during an audit and even more challenging for teams to follow the established process for each customer.

Recent results indicate Acadia can help greatly simplify auditing and improve overall results.

Acadia provides a single source of truth for policies, procedures, work instructions, and job aids. The content can be searched and filtered by customer, location, and other relevant metadata at a moment’s notice during an audit.

As the project expands, the company will be able to convert procedures to auditable task lists that help team members do their work the One Best Way, every time.

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