Improved Visibility Produces 125 Promotions in Six Months

Employee turnover is a huge drain on resources for any business. It hits particularly hard if the turnover is among a group of highly skilled employees. Team members with sought after skills, who lack the visibility they need to advance their careers are more likely to leave. Making capabilities, skills, and career paths more visible to both managers and employees helps organizations ensure consistent advancement, bolstering retention.


  • Drastic reduction in turnover
  • Promoted 125 employees across four plants
  • Implementation across 13 additional plants
  • Improved training and operating procedures

Acadia has made our process for tracking employee progress faster and more accurate for our managers. For employees, it’s a huge change in visibility that helps them push toward the next level of capability.

– Head of Learning & Development

New Capabilities

  • Improved visibility of employee skill assessments and career paths
  • Increased engagement between employees and managers
  • Leveraging institutional knowledge from the front line

One of Acadia’s clients is a battery manufacturer. Their production line incorporates critical procedures that require engineers to perform complex tasks. Employee turnover was slowing production and putting extra pressure on team members already in place. The company was losing productivity on the floor and investing heavily to identify skilled replacement candidates.

Prior to deploying Acadia, our client relied on managers to manually track their team members’ progress, capturing training milestones and skills development in spreadsheets. Employees had no visibility into how their progress was being observed or if their managers knew they were ready to be promoted. If a manager tracked capabilities incorrectly or was late to recognize advancement, they would frequently lose valuable team members.

Now, both managers and employees have gained career path visibility in Acadia. Employees track their own progress alongside managers. Both sides are aware when milestones are met, when something isn’t tracked correctly, or if a mistake is made. Six months after launching Acadia in four plants, our client promoted 125 employees. They’re now rolling the system out to 13 additional plants.

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