Improving Customer Service Error Rate in Branches and Call Centers

In the highly competitive – and increasingly digital – retail banking industry, products can be very similar from one business to another. That leaves little room to create competitive advantage. Often the determining factor for consumers, when selecting a bank, boils down to trust and customer service.


  • 98% of branch and contact center associates use Acadia on a regular basis
  • These associates log in to Acadia daily to answer client questions and execute One Best Way processes
  • In less than one year, they have seen baseline improvement on their client service error rate
  • Onboarding and role change events now take a fraction of the time to execute

Acadia is helping our employees quickly provide consistent, accurate information to clients. As a result, we are increasing client satisfaction, decreasing time to resolution, and identifying new sales opportunities.

– SVP Retail Operations

New Capabilities

  • Visibility and accountability drive policy and procedure compliance
  • Underperforming team members are easily identified and provided additional training and job aids
  • Employee confidence and engagement leads to lower turnover
  • Branch managers can exceed quality standards by aggregating branch audit results and assigning remediation steps
  • Onboarding and role change events require team members to quickly get up to speed with their new responsibilities.

Banks with good processes for training employees and providing them with the information they need to accurately answer customer questions stand apart. Customer relationships are stronger when customers feel they can trust the information their banks are giving them. That’s why it’s critical for banks to provide the same accurate information across all platforms, from branch, to call center, to digital interface.

Our customer’s existing systems were making it difficult for branch and contact center employees to provide consistent, accurate information to clients and prospective clients.

After standardizing and simplifying documents, they were distributed by role and location. Team members can now perform simple searches and re­trieve the exact document they need in seconds. Team members are more engaged as well. They regularly provide feedback to improve work processes and documents.

Since implementing Acadia, the quality of the customer experience has improved, errors have diminished, and team member engage­ment has increased.

More recently, the company has deployed Acadia to assist in its merger with another bank. By combining the policies, procedures, and job aids from both companies, the enterprise can now more easily identify the best business process tools to use moving forward.

The two merging banks are able to maintain a single source of truth for all team member instructions. They can answer customer questions and concerns with one voice despite their many branches and communication platforms.

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