Reducing Safety Incidents

Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) processes protect every organization’s most valuable assets, their team members. It can also be one of the most complicated. Depending on the industry, regulations and protocols can vary drastically from location to location. When accidents happen or new regulations are passed, the speed at which an organization can implement new protocols can be a matter of life and death.

A heavy manufacturing plant.


  • Reduction in safety incidents
  • Decreased time in the field for safety management team
  • Streamlined systems and processes across the enterprise

Ask anyone in this group – I wish there was a better word than game changer. Acadia has had an ultimate impact on the way we do business. I got two months of my life back!

– Dir. Corporate Safety

New Capabilities

  • A single source of truth across the enterprise for safety policies and protocols
  • Ability to push out new protocols immediately in response to incidents
  • Audit trail for new protocol acknowledgement and adoption

One of Acadia’s customers is a consumer durable manufacturer with a safety team of 2,000 operating in plants around the globe. The safety team invested heavily in safety protocols, but hadn’t invested in a system to manage, distribute, and report on their adoption.

With a framework including a traditional document management platform, spreadsheets, and printed documents, managing the system required excessive people hours. The safety leadership team, for example, would spend three months per year auditing each manufacturing facility in person.

After converting to Acadia, the safety team has eliminated two months of manual work from their annual review process. Updates to policies, in response to an incident, can be distributed across the enterprise immediately, instead of after several hours or days. Leadership knows when each employee has seen and acknowledged the new protocol, instead of waiting for the annual audit.

The end result was a more engaged team and most importantly a significant reduction in safety incidents.

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