Standing up a new Shared Services organization in 4 months

Rapidly deploying an extension of an existing shared services team can feel daunting under any circumstances. Onboarding a large group of people at one time is challenging and can take a lot of time when using traditional classroom and LMS methods. Once team members are trained and working, ensuring they comply with procedures and maintain a low error rate can take even longer. During that ramping up period, many businesses will anticipate a high error rate and not expect the new group to perform well for a long period of time.

A woman working in a call center


  • Near-shore office up and running in four months
  • No service downtime during transition of work from domestic to near shore
  • Hundreds of new staff trained
  • Reduced rate of errors and rework compared to domestic office

Acadia is a lifesaver. We never could have launched our shared services in a near shore location so quickly, and with so few problems, without them.

– VP Continuous Improvement

New Capabilities

  • Increased accountability and measurement of progress in call center
  • New onboarding and training protocol incorporating job aids into training process

Companies that use new training tools and methods, like those enabled by Acadia, will onboard and train teams more rapidly and reliably. If team members are trained while performing work and using tools that will be available to them on the job, they learn faster and make less mistakes.

When our customer challenged their VP of Continuous Improvement to stand up a near-shore call center and shared services office in just four months, he immediately turned to Acadia.

He quickly onboarded and trained a new staff in Mexico. Overflow work from domestic opera­tions transitioned to the near-shore office with no downtime and limited overlap in service. The team was trained using the same documents and job aids they would use in their day-to-day work.

Today, the staff of the Mexican office uses Acadia every day to quickly and accurately an­swer customer questions and follow company procedures for managing billing and other financial activities. The office is also a model for training and onboarding across the company.

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