Onboarding & Training Improvements Reduce Medical Billing Errors

The senior care sector will need at least 2.3 million additional care providers over the next few years to keep up with the baby boomer generation entering post-retirement care. That number could grow significantly with new government requirements improving the level of care for each resident.

This means hiring, onboarding, and training will become increasingly important for roles across all practice areas – nursing, sanitation, dietary, billing, etc.

Without efficient and consistently executed digital training programs, organizations can expect to spend more time on inconsistent, shoulder-to-shoulder efforts before employees reach proficiency. They’ll also take on a higher level of risk from untrained employees who make mistakes that lead to lawsuits, medical claim rejections, and HIPAA violations.

“Acadia helps us understand who needs more training support, which is critical to our ability to meet compliance obligations.”

– VP Health Services

Outcomes & New Capabilities

  • New system for onboarding and training staff that helps identify those who need more support, reducing errors
  • New audit trail created by digitizing HIPAA walkthrough process
  • Digitizing records for accessibility and security, making compliance and reporting easier
  • HR Policy Accountability that is easier to track and renew on a regular basis
  • All employee content is easy to find in a single source of truth

One of our clients is an aging services provider offering levels of care including independent living, ambulatory care, and assisted living. A wide range of employees cover the needs of residents from nursing and healthcare, diet, fitness and engagement, to facility maintenance and security, billing, and more.

All employees need to be trained on the requirements for their position, as well as the requirements and restrictions of coming in contact with a resident.

Prior to deploying Acadia, our client kept paper records for policy compliance and tracked training progress in spreadsheets.

Today, compliance acknowledgements are automated and digital records are maintained in Acadia. Training is delivered in Acadia as well, with incorporated quizzing to verify comprehension.

Acadia has become the single source of truth for all operations in the facility. One Best Way billing and insurance coding information is available to everyone from care providers to back-office associates, ensuring accuracy and reducing claim rejections.

When the unexpected happens, our client can adapt quickly by changing procedures and immediately dispersing them to relevant employees. For example, during the pandemic, the organization updated its protocols as new information became available and quickly communicated them out to employees.

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