Improved On-Time Shipping Times from 40% to 80%

SOPs and other work instructions help employees perform their tasks the right way, every time. If there is no visibility into SOP adoption or execution, it’s difficult to tell what needs to be fixed when operating costs go up, and shipping times are unreliable. Do we need more training? Should we improve our processes?

A forklift being driven down an aisle in a warehouse.


  • Improved outbound orders shipped on time from 40% on average to 80%
  • 37% increase in procedure compliance for new hires
  • 13% increase in new hires who reach their efficiency goal by week 2
  • 74% increase in percentage of employees who are fully trained
  • 90% reduction in process change training time

Acadia is at the center of how we meet our quality and training goals. It will be instrumental in our ability to meet them in the future.

– OPEX Engineer

New Capabilities

  • Digital SOP management and distribution
  • SOP compliance auditing
  • Reduction in new hire onboarding time
  • Reduction in time to productivity for new hires
  • Building self-help culture for training and knowledge

The process for distributing SOPs to the workforce for one of our warehousing & distribution customers was arduous and took an average of 614 hours! A major obstacle in their process efficiency was the use of paper-based SOPs and paper-based compliance. SOPs were produced and distributed to staff on paper. Man­agers recorded, also on paper, which employees received the SOPs. Then the results of those reports were entered into an electronic system to ensure all employees received the correct documents. Even then, the company couldn’t tell if employees were following the SOPs, and team members couldn’t provide feedback to improve the procedures.

After converting their paper procedures to digital documents in Acadia, any new or updated SOPs could be delivered to the relevant employees with a few clicks. The system itself could identify when all employees had received them. Man­agers now have the ability to audit employees for compliance and provide additional training to those who need it.

In less than six months, the company has blown by their target goal for distributing SOPs, reducing their process change training time by 90%!

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