Business Continuity Software

A single source of truth for when things don’t go as planned

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Tools that help employees do the right thing when things go wrong

Establish standard protocols and hold teams accountable for following them

Access information immediately – work instructions, safety protocols, troubleshooting

Acadia data in dashboard

See the impact of improved employee performance during readiness exercises and after real world events.

Do your teams know where to turn?

PDF playbooks emailed to team members in an emergency leave a lot of room for error. With Acadia, you can:

  • Maintain a single source of truth for any potential situation
  • Push relevant content to the right people at a moment’s notice
  • Incorporate new processes into existing workflows seamlessly
  • Intercede with team members not following the plan
  • Keep leadership up-to-date on results by the minute

Acadia integrates with any of your existing operating systems to help provide instructions to team members in response to a wide variety of events.

Real World Results

Our client responded rapidly to Covid-19

Our client, the largest beer brewer in the world responded nimbly as information came out about the virus. They updated safety requirements and work instructions across the enterprise, on-the-fly.

On-demand access to standardized, easy-to-access and simple-to-follow task lists aided in maintaining consistent quality and safety. Line managers tracked process compliance and provided additional training where needed .

They also converted one of their lines from producing beer to producing hand sanitizer. They could do so rapidly because the line was already using Acadia for critical processes. Everyone engaged in production followed new work instructions and the change went smoothly.

Additional food for thought

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