Compliance standards shift rapidly

Provide structure to help your team confidently manage change.

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Regulations and trade policies change constantly, requiring your organization to adapt quickly. But enforcing change is no small task. Your investments in change management can improve efficiency and compliance.

5 ways Acadia helps you manage rapid change

  1. Single Source –  everyone knows exactly where they can easily find current information and do the right thing, every time
  2. Alerting – only those who need to know are alerted automatically when information changes
  3. Confirming – individuals acknowledge new information and are accountable to it from then on
  4. Quizzing – important information is reinforced and sticks
  5. Feedback – capture feedback documentation is unclear. Implementing incremental improvements will lead to better adoption

Combined, these tools create the right environment for compliance. Employees are clear on process and policies. Business leaders can track implementation of new standards and identify who needs more training. The organization achieves cultural change by first achieving behavioral change with each team member.

Acadia vs Traditional Document Management

Using Traditional Document Management Systems instead of Acadia for your knowledge management system is a lot like going to the supermarket to shop for groceries instead of doing it online.

Capturing One Best Way Processes

Identifying The One Best Way to do tasks and procedures is critical for change management. Fortunately, you don’t have to figure it all out at once. There are a number of good techniques for making that identification part of every day work.

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This article provides some practical insights for encouraging folks to bubble up ideas for improvement.

(We promise the hot dog will make sense).

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