Big, internal cultural change is difficult

Provide structure to help your team tackle tough problems

You’re losing sales because your customers are frustrated. They receive mixed messages from different arms of your organization. Your processes conflict across departments and divisions. It’s all impeding your ability to serve customers, collect cash, and grow revenue. It’s time for change.

Sound familiar?

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Complexity in large enterprises is leading to major problems that prevent them from reaching their goals. The next generation of smart and connected companies are embracing innovative, digital tools to tackle these challenges. But changing the culture of your company is no small task. Your investments in process and change management will determine how quickly you hit your targets.

4 ways Acadia helps you manage change

In order to speak to your customers in one voice, you first need to provide a single source of truth for your employees. Acadia provides the tools that help to accelerate and manage major cultural change.

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  1. A single source – Your teams should know exactly where they can easily find the information they need to do things the right way, every time.
  2. Alerting and confirming – Your teams should be alerted when information changes. They should acknowledge the new information and be accountable to it from then on.
  3. Hands-on training & execution – Your teams should be trained on new processes using the same tools that will be available to them while they work.
  4. Feedback leads to buy-in – Your teams should have the ability to provide feedback on their work processes. Capturing and implementing incremental improvements will lead to faster adoption.

Combined, these tools create the right environment for change. Employees are clear on instructions and have a stake in the process. Business leaders can track progress and understand where more training is needed. The organization achieves cultural change by first achieving behavioral change with each team member.

Continuous Deployment

As you begin to think about all the different departments, people, and resources needed to pull off major cultural change, it can feel overwhelming. Sometimes frustration with the distance to the goal can discourage us from even getting started.

What we’ve found works best is to adopt a process of continuous deployment.

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