Change is tough, but it doesn’t have to be painful

Provide structure to help your team welcome change with confidence.

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Continuous Improvement initiatives are critical to meeting efficiency and cost saving goals. But even small changes to processes used every day can be challenging. Your investments in tools that make behavior change easier will determine how quickly you hit your targets.

4 ways Acadia helps you manage change

Provide a single source of truth for your employees to accelerate and manage major cultural change.

  1. A single source – Your teams should know exactly where they can easily find the information they need to do things the right way, every time.
  2. Alerting and confirming – Your teams should be alerted when information changes. They should acknowledge the new information and be accountable to it from then on.
  3. Hands-on training & execution – Your teams should be trained on new processes using the same tools that will be available to them while they work.
  4. Feedback leads to buy-in – Your teams should have the ability to provide feedback on their work processes. Capturing and implementing incremental improvements will lead to faster adoption.

Combined, these tools create the right environment for change. Employees are clear on instructions and have a stake in the process. Business leaders can track progress and understand where more training is needed. The organization achieves cultural change by first achieving behavioral change with each team member.

Capturing the One Best Way processes

Identifying The One Best Way to do tasks and procedures is critical for change management. Fortunately, you don’t have to figure it all out at once. There are a number of good techniques for making that identification part of every day work.

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This article provides some practical insights for encouraging folks to bubble up ideas for improvement.

(We promise the hot dog will make sense).

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