Smucker Pet Food’s Continuous Improvement Program

Create behavior change that eliminates waste and improves quality.

Making Sausage

Replace paper and meeting driven processes with tools that streamline Smucker operations. Provide your teams with the information they need to do their work correctly the first time and capture the value of a continuous improvement culture.

Imagine if each of your teams could:

  • Reduce rework and unplanned downtime
  • Improve quality while becoming more efficient
  • Train team members while maintaining productivity

You can make your processes frictionless and start to see the real benefit of your CI Program.

Single Source of Truth

Delivering critical information to Pet Food and Pet Snack employees is obstructed by complexity. Team members receive work instructions and training across multiple systems and methods. This can create safety, quality, and efficiency challenges that limit the ability to meet goals.

By implementing Acadia, Smucker would have a single source of truth for all information needed to perform work. Eliminate confusion by providing access to the right task lists,  job aids, and other critical information at exactly the time it’s needed.

Workforce behavior change is possible when you improve performance, reduce compliance risks, and streamline training through continuous improvement of standard work.
Using Traditional Document Management Systems instead of Acadia for your knowledge management system is a lot like going to the supermarket to shop for groceries instead of doing it online.

Smucker’s Empowering Work Environment

A forklift loading a trailer

Bottom-up improvement is effective because frontline employees are closest to the problems and are best able to identify and solve them. Empowered team members:

  • Access best practice work instructions and job aids, while they perform tasks
  • Provide feedback on processes as they work
  • Identify and help team members who need it without losing productivity

When your team members are empowered to improve their work processes, they will make their tasks as frictionless and efficient as possible. When they feel ownership of their process, it is easier to hold them accountable to it.

Continuous Process Improvement

A person mixing meat in industrial machinery.

When you change a process across Smucker’s teams or facilities, how long does it take to fully deploy?

Acadia customers can deploy new protocols in minutes, in any of their plants. They audit adoption and compliance and can identify team members who need additional training. They’re also able to correlate things like SOP compliance and production line yield.

We make it easy and inexpensive to get your entire team working from the same playbook. We also provide multiple ways for team members to provide incremental feedback while they do their work. When your employees are empowered to improve their work processes, they will make their tasks as frictionless and efficient as possible.

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Training & Onboarding

Two men in hardhats looking at a tablet device

Consistent process outcomes start with your training approach. We learn better while doing, so job-embedded training programs are immediately more relevant than classroom or course-based activities. They take less time. They require less effort to pay attention. Most importantly, they stick.

Acadia improves training effectiveness by injecting training directly into work. Employees have easy access to SOPs and other job aids at the moment they are performing the task. Managers can check comprehension with quizzing and evaluations to ensure everyone gets the support they need.

By making training more efficient and productive, Ball will adopt process improvements and help new employees get up to speed more quickly.

More on training:

Continuous Deployment

Small changes, not major paradigm shifts, are the engine of transformation. Incremental improvements are typically inexpensive to implement, that’s why many companies are eager to adopt a culture of continuous improvement. Unfortunately, some companies, who are initially eager, stall out before they get started.

Changing the culture in your plants is no small task. What we’ve found works best is to make the process of adoption and deployment continuous as well.

Enterprise Ready

With Acadia, you can easily and inexpensively manage standard policies and procedures, track compliance, accelerate learning, and achieve behavior change.

  • Secure Single Sign-On
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Audit Logs
  • Product Security
  • Always On Access
  • Change Management
  • Integrations
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Automated Content Migration
  • Global Privacy Requirements
  • Language Requirements
  • Validate or Re-engineer Processes
  • Dedicated Support
  • Balanced & Precise Contract Terms
  • Easy Adoption

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