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Fast-moving consumer goods companies invest significant effort developing corporate business systems and defining best business practices. Moving from ideas to actions and results is where the challenge lies.

The power needed to effectively drive and sustain results comes from the knowledge, experience, and ultimate action of those sitting in plants, DCs, and remote offices.

Imagine if each of your teams could:

  • Access best practice work instructions and job aids, while they perform tasks
  • Provide feedback on processes as they work
  • Help team members who need it without losing productivity

Acadia helps everyone follow the same playbook, creating a gain in efficiency that is multiplied and continuous.

2 minute Acadia Overview

Workforce behavior change is possible when you improve performance, reduce compliance risks, and streamline training through continuous improvement of standard work.

Continuous Process Improvement

Your teams operate more efficiently when they know how to do their work correctly every time. They’ll be more effective at helping to eliminate waste and improve productivity if you enable them to make recommendations for how to make their work more efficient.

Acadia provides multiple ways for team members to provide incremental feedback while they do their work. When your employees are empowered to improve their work processes, they will make their tasks as frictionless and efficient as possible. These small changes, not major paradigm shifts, are the engine of transformation.

Bottom-up improvement is effective because frontline employees are closest to the problems and are best able to identify and solve them.

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Tools that make a difference

Having a best practice shared across an organization can be powerful, but the typical tools in place at most organizations do not support a truly effective process deployment. With the right person leading a specific effort, this can be accomplished through brute force, but small changes in an organization’s leadership can disrupt progress.

Acadia provides a framework and a single source of truth for:

  • Activating one best way work protocols
  • Identifying process owners
  • Capturing recommended changes
  • Confirming acknowledgement of changes
  • Providing real-time feedback and insights

The reason this works is simple. Team members who understand how to do their job correctly are more comfortable in their work. When a team member is confused, mistakes are more common and can lead to poor outcomes for both the individual and the company.

Learn how to use feedback to unlock employee behavior change.

Help employees develop skills to succeed personally and professionally

Companies that have been successful cutting costs and enhancing supply-chain productivity have done so by incorporating automation and other operational efficiencies. However, as more work is done by less people, the work being done is exceedingly more complex.

To retain organizational memory and meet the new demand for high-skilled workers, progressive organizations are investing in reskilling existing team members.

Acadia customers can fill internal skills gaps by helping them objectively assess existing knowledge and providing on-line tools that enable micro-learning on the job.

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