Improved operational efficiency at East Penn

How East Penn learning paths can deliver operations results and profitability with Acadia as the enabling platform

Acadia’s role in Learning Paths

Here’s how Acadia can be most effective:

  1. Develop simple to follow, step-by-step work instructions in Acadia including images, videos, and other job aids.
  2. Incorporate Acadia work instructions into training and onboarding to familiarize operators with the content.
  3. Make the same work instructions and job aids used in training available for reference to operators on the floor.
  4. Convert work instructions to task lists for critical tasks to track compliance and mastery of skills.
  5. Identify those who are not compliant to provide additional training and support.
  6. Pass skills progression milestone data from Acadia to East Penn’s HRIS through a system integration. (See below for more detail).

Acadia is a single and consistent source of truth that is available to employees from onboarding and training through the execution of daily tasks.

Skills Management in Acadia

Work Instructions: Work completed by following task lists in Acadia helps to track how many times critical tasks were completed.

Acadia task lists can be assigned by managers, launched by QR code, or deployed automatically with an integration to your ERP.

Evaluations: When requirements for a skill have been met, confirm skill mastery with evaluations.

Acadia Evaluations screengrab

System Integrations: As employees complete milestones along their learning path, that information can be passed through an integration with your HRIS or Qlik system to trigger wage increases and other events not managed in Acadia.

Next Steps

Meeting East Penn’s Goals: The faster we can tackle these five steps, the sooner we’ll see results.

  1. Build critical work instructions in Acadia
  2. Provide access to all operators on the floor
  3. Identify KPIs we can use to track success
  4. Define reporting and HRIS integration requirements
  5. Connect Acadia and East Penn tech teams to establish integration

Results we’ve seen with our Clients

Acadia Outcomes: When deployed correctly, Acadia can help organizations meet goals across many use cases.

Acadia Stats: 19% planned downtime improvement after just 2 weeks, 37% increase in new hire procedure compliance, and 100% audit score after deploying Acadia