GSF can hit 100 on Audits

Eliminate complexity with a single source of truth for audits, policies, and work instructions.

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Improve audit outcomes by ensuring every employee can find the information they need, at the moment they need it. Acadia uses cutting-edge search to retrieve documents based on customer, location, process, and more.

Acadia provides:

  • A Single source of truth for all audit documents, policies, and procedures
  • Custom, streamlined workflows for revising content and controlling versions
  • Quick and easy access to all relevant documents based meta data you define
  • Clear document revisions that have been made since last viewed
  • The ability to convert critical audit requirements into actionable task lists

GSF is already using Acadia in some facilities and has deployed it to receive its highest audit scores. If you’d like to learn more about Acadia, contact your account manager:

Brian Haney: t. 443.955.5835 | m. 256.278.1300 | e.

A single Source of Truth

Managing audit documents is easier and more efficient with Acadia than with traditional document management platforms. This two minute video shows you how.

Using Traditional Document Management Systems instead of Acadia for your knowledge management system is a lot like going to the supermarket to shop for groceries instead of doing it online.

Activate Audit Documents

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What if each of your audit documents could become work instructions for team members?  With Acadia, quality and safety standards can be applied to workflow with the click of a button.

Imagine if each of your teams could:

  • Access best practice work instructions and job aids, while they perform tasks
  • Provide feedback on processes as they work
  • Help team members who need it without losing productivity

Acadia helps everyone follow the same playbook, even as that playbook changes to meet the needs of different customers. It creates efficiency that is multiplied and continuous across teams, shifts, and locations.

Deploy Training as Part of Workflow

Identifying standard policies and procedures is only valuable if your workforce can be trained to follow them. Acadia combines the neuroscience of how we learn with continuous improvement techniques to help train and reinforce behavior change.

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