Enabling Rapid Growth

A conversation with Adam Newsome, Lazer Spot CEO.

Lazer Spot is a proven leader in yard management services because they instill their drivers with One Best Way safety and quality procedures from day 1. These are reinforced during onboarding, training, and onsite activities using Acadia as the enabling platform.

All Lazer Spot drivers are consistently trained and their managers confirm comprehension. This allows them to provide additional support to those who need it. Because drivers have access to the right tools, in the field, they are more engaged and have fewer accidents. Clients who work with Lazer Spot get their full attention, years of experience, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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Lazer Spot’s Story

What began as a small family business has grown exponentially. Lazer Spot’s 5,000+ team members can be found at over 550 locations across North America.

Consistent Training & Communication

Lazer Spot has earned it’s reputation for operating safely on customer sites. Their ability to deliver consistent training to drivers across their vast network and geographic footprint has become a competitive differentiator.

Integrating Acquisitions

Deploying a single source of truth enabled Lazer Spot to maintain their strong culture and standards while integrating new team members from multiple acquisitions.

Operational Insights

Combining operational data with Acadia data on team member training has created new insights for Lazer Spot leaders to act on. They can make informed decisions about where to invest additional support resources.

What’s Next?

As Lazer Spot’s business grows, they’re finding more opportunities to use Acadia for training, communication, and work instructions.

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