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The charter for our expanded Customer Success team will be expanding in the weeks ahead

2016 has been a year of substantial results and great progress for our clients at SAI. We are very grateful for the opportunities that we’ve had to work with you this year and we look forward to another year of collaboration to serve your customers and improve your organization.

This has been an exciting year for SAI as well as we’ve worked on a series of continuous improvement initiatives during a period of rapid expansion. Not your typical technology company, we’ve always been obsessed with the idea of delivering world class software products and consulting services with a passionate team and doing it with reasonable, transparent pricing and predictable results. This recipe has worked well for us and resulted in high customer retention rates and lots of referrals.

Finding new opportunities to better serve and support our customers has always been at the top of our priority list and this year has yielded several new opportunities to do exactly that. With our recent growth, we’ve had an opportunity to “re-imagine” how we can improve the customer experience for every one of our customers. So now we’re going all in with a commitment of more resources to a larger Customer Success team, equipped with even better tools and an increased focus on ensuring the success of every SAI customer.

The charter for our expanded Customer Success team will be expanding in the weeks ahead to include a greater focus in three key areas:

1. We will be more proactive in the delivery of information that will support your business, hopefully just before or at the time that you need it. We see this as an opportunity to build upon our already high customer satisfaction rates for our support team with proactive industry knowledge and experience that helps our customers succeed with operational challenges. Connecting our customers with one another, sharing best practices, tips and suggestions, will accelerate your success.

2. We will be more intentional in collecting, organizing and reporting back to you about your suggestions for new product features, new consulting services and other opportunities for us to make your life easier and more productive.

3. We will be deploying new tools and processes to more accurately measure customer success and we’ll be sharing those results with you on a regular basis.

I often think about how our culture has evolved at SAI and the strong correlation between how we think about our customers and how we relate to the local community. November is our month of service at SAI. Watching our team fill up carloads of food for a local food bank or swarm over a local park and nature center with hammers and paint brushes exemplifies the deep compassion that SAI team members have for those in need.

We are enormously thankful for the relationships that we have with our clients and we wish you well this Thanksgiving season.

Lastly, If you’re looking for a way to help those in need this Thanksgiving, I strongly recommend checking out the folks at the Helping Up Mission in Baltimore ( They do fantastic work with very limited resources.

A picture of SAI's Food Drive Donation from 2016

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