Improved O2C Process Execution Means Millions in Savings

Large enterprise companies that consolidate through mergers and acquisitions are prone to enormous complexity in business operations such as Order to Cash (O2C). When competing or conflicting proposal, quoting, billing, and collection processes aren’t reconciled, confusion and rework become commonplace. Small mistakes, driven by failure to follow One Best Way processes, cascade through the O2C process costing millions of dollars in dispute management, collections, and ultimately writing the revenue off. Failure to deploy consistent processes across all business groups not only threatens the anticipated cost savings that come with scale, but also damages customer relationships.


  • Significant cash savings due to decrease in error rate, rework, and billing disputes that otherwise would have been written off
  • Invoices that passed the company’s review process on first pass improved by more than 40%
  • Standardized Order to Cash operations across 12 regional shared services groups
  • Rapid adoption of new policies and regulations across all territories
  • Unified customer experience across all touch points and business units

Standardizing cash operations across our shared services teams has significantly decreased rework and errors in our billing operations and beyond.

– Director of Training & Quality

New Capabilities

  • Unified customer experience across all touch points
  • Decreased time to revenue recognition
  • Improve delivery of training and onboarding for large remote workforce
  • Easily identify employees who are correctly following SOPs and those who need training
  • Ensure employees only have access to the latest information by role, department, and location

Our client grew through M&A activity to become the largest global manufacturer and service provider of commercial building operations equipment.

Because the company was formed from multiple businesses, each had their own procedures for managing common back-office processes. While these mergers were intended to make the company a full-service supplier for their largest global customers, the initial experience was still more akin to working with multiple different firms.

Acadia became the single source of truth for operational SOPs, job aids, and policies, enabling our client’s team members to drastically improve customer service. The company has since reduced errors, rework, and disputes in the O2C process by ensuring orders are sold, delivered, and billed consistently and accurately. More importantly, they have created a unified customer experience across all touch points.

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