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Choose an Operational Metric, you’ll see improvement in just a few weeks

Your most critical business metrics can improve – in a relatively short amount of time – when you make a concerted effort to improve processes. Combine your operational data with Acadia data on employee performance, deploy changes, and watch in real time as they improve.

Common metrics we’ve helped improve:

  • New hire time to proficiency
  • Waste, quality, and downtime
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • New order error rate
  • Audit results – internal & customer

Read how one of our clients is saving $500k in one plant after two weeks working with us.

We’ll work shoulder-to-shoulder with you:

  1. Identify Key Issues
    • Identify a performance metric you’d like to improve and establish a benchmark. Things like audit scores, line yields, customer experience, O2C accuracy, etc. A couple months of data is all you need.
  2. Determine Change
    • Based on recurring points of failure and employee feedback, determine what process changes could generate better outcomes. Update process documentation in Acadia including work instructions and job aids that support the new steps.
  3. Roll Out & Retrain
    • Communicate change with targeted Broadcasts. Reinforce process changes with Acknowledgements. Confirm understanding with quizzes.
  4. Confirm Adoption
    • Ensure the new process is followed by assigning it via a task list or observing the process in action with an evaluation.
  5. Review & Assess
    • In 30 day increments, monitor improvements in metrics. Observe adoption and impact on your performance metrics to determine who needs more support or training.

Let’s talk about you

Let’s face it, you’re not here to buy software. You’re here because you have a problem to solve. When you speak with our team, we’re going to try to understand what’s happening in your business. If we think we can help, we’ll tell you how. If not, we’ll tell you that too.

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