How Kraft Heinz Can Unlock Additional Efficiencies

Improve frontline capabilities and maintain advances you’ve already made.

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Kraft Heinz is focused on capturing operating efficiencies to deliver on ambitious cost savings goals. The faster the company can realize these savings, the faster you’ll be able to reinvest that revenue back into the business, taking advantage of huge, renewed consumer interest in your core products.

Thanks to improvements you’ve already made, Kraft Heinz has already delivered $400M in operational efficiencies. To unlock that next level of improvements and add 500M pounds of capacity this year, moving from ideas to actions and results quickly will be critical.

The power needed to effectively drive and sustain results comes from the knowledge, experience, and ultimate action of those sitting in plants, DCs, and remote offices.

Imagine if each of your teams could:

  • Incorporate new processes immediately into workflow
  • Share best practices from plant-to-plant and across the enterprise
  • Integrate process compliance metrics with other business KPIs

Tools to help change the tires at 90 mph

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Deploying best practices across an organization can be powerful, but the typical tools in place at most organizations don’t support it.

Kraft Heinz can easily and inexpensively provide a framework and a single source of truth to:

  • Create easy access to the right content increasing consistency, accountability, and progress toward team member competencies
  • Quickly onboard new employees and efficiently shift existing employees into new roles either permanently or temporarily
  • Retrain on new processes, methods, equipment, and plant configuration for successful shift in product skus

Acadia is helping companies like AB InBev, Johnson Controls, and FedEx meet efficiency, compliance, and cost saving goals.

Workforce behavior change is possible when you improve performance, reduce compliance risks, and streamline training through continuous improvement of standard work.
Using Traditional Document Management Systems instead of Acadia for your knowledge management system is a lot like going to the supermarket to shop for groceries instead of doing it online.

People are the Key Ingredient of Transformation

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Bottom-up improvement is effective because frontline employees are closest to the problems and are best able to identify and solve them.

When your employees are empowered to improve their work processes, they will make their tasks as frictionless and efficient as possible. When they feel ownership of their process, it is easier to hold them accountable to it. When these things happen naturally and continuous improvement has become part of your culture, your employees will feel more ownership in their work and become less likely to leave.

Translating employee process adoption to production volume

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In most operations, SOP compliance correlates directly to performance. When compliance expectations are met, rework, productivity, and safety KPIs are also improved.

Managers with visibility into employee SOP compliance can identify who is performing tasks the right way and who might need additional training or support. By digitally tracking compliance, you also create an audit trail that can help you comply with OSHA regulations, and other guidelines.

Making accountability part of workflow:

Training & Onboarding

Many current training models rely on tribal knowledge conveyed via word of mouth, paper documents, and a tangle of systems. Team members need easy access to work instructions and other job aids which identify the “one best way” to complete each task in an easy to understand format.

The best process outcomes start with an efficient training approach. We learn better while doing, so job-embedded training programs are immediately more relevant than classroom or course-based activities. They take less time. They require less effort to pay attention. Most importantly, they stick.

Acadia improves training effectiveness by injecting training directly into work. Employees have easy access to SOPs and other job aids at the moment they are performing the task. Managers can check comprehension with quizzing and evaluations to ensure everyone gets the support they need.

By making training more efficient and productive, Kraft Heinz will adopt process improvements and help new employees get up to speed more quickly.

More on training:

Help employees develop skills to succeed personally and professionally

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Companies that have been successful cutting costs and enhancing supply-chain productivity have done so by incorporating automation and other operational efficiencies. However, as more work is done by less people, the work being done is exceedingly more complex.

To retain organizational memory and meet the new demand for high-skilled workers, progressive organizations are investing in reskilling existing team members.

Acadia customers can fill internal skills gaps by helping them objectively assess existing knowledge and providing on-line tools that enable micro-learning on the job.

Learn More:

Capturing One Best Way work procedures

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