Continuous Improvement Software

Call it what you will — continuous improvement, operational excellence, lean, six sigma, kaizen — companies in every industry are finding success by making incremental, ongoing improvements to processes, products and services.

Acadia helps companies striving to achieve perfection by enabling them to eliminate waste and improve quality. Your workforce is provided with the information and job aids they need to do their work correctly every time. They are also enabled to make recommendations for how to make their work more efficient.

These small changes, not major paradigm shifts, are the engine of transformation.

Continuous Process Improvement

Acadia aligns to each phase of the continuous improvement model. We make it easy and inexpensive to get your entire team working from the same playbook.

Plan - Do - Check - Act
  • Plan – the Acadia Knowledge Repository stores your best practice processes and procedures and serves as a single source of truth for employees. It also has templates and workflow tools to ensure each document is properly reviewed, vetted and kept up to date.
  • Do – your processes and procedures convert to checklists with job aids that help employees perform their work according to the right way – every single time.
  • Check – processes, documents and employees can be audited and evaluated to identify opportunities for improvement. Employees can suggest improvements or common problems as they perform their work.
  • Act – when you combine the data from Acadia with your process KPIs, you can identify the best opportunities to make changes that will reduce waste, spread best practices, engage employees and become more efficient.

Employee Engagement

One of the central tenets of Kaizen, the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement, is the respect for the human workers in your system. Bottom-up improvement is effective because frontline employees are closest to the problems and are best able to identify and solve them.

When your employees are empowered to improve their work processes, they will make their tasks as frictionless and efficient as possible. When they feel ownership of their process, it is easier to hold them accountable to it. When these things happen naturally and continuous improvement has become part of your culture, your employees will feel more ownership in their work and become less likely to leave.

Acadia Performance Platform for Manufacturing
Acadia Performance Platform for Banking
Acadia Performance Platform for Healthcare

Continuous Deployment

Incremental improvements are typically inexpensive to implement, that’s why many companies are eager to adopt a culture of continuous improvement. Unfortunately, some companies, who are initially eager, stall out before they get started.

Changing the culture of your company is no small task. As you begin to think about all the different departments, people and resources needed to pull it off, it can feel overwhelming. Sometimes frustration with the distance to the goal can discourage us from getting started.

What we’ve found works best is to make the process of adoption and deployment continuous as well.

Enterprise Ready

With Acadia, you can easily and inexpensively manage standard policies and procedures, track compliance, accelerate learning, and achieve behavior change.

  • Secure Single Sign-On
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Audit Logs
  • Product Security
  • Always On Access
  • Change Management
  • Integrations
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Automated Content Migration
  • Global Privacy Requirements
  • Language Requirements
  • Validate or Re-engineer Processes
  • Dedicated Support
  • Balanced & Precise Contract Terms
  • Easy Adoption
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